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Glass Icons Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by fosstux 165 comments

I absolutely love this, great work. Could you please make folder icons without the white document in it? - Feb 23 2006

GTK2 Themes by twigsby 74 comments

Its not the metacity theme, its the gtk. - Feb 16 2006

GTK2 Themes by twigsby 74 comments

Same here, Very nice theme but its not worth the reduction in performance. - Feb 16 2006
Debian Logo (Gnome menu bar)

Icon Sub-Sets by webanetwork 4 comments

Just copy it (named gnome-logo-icon-transparent.png) to ~/.icons - Jan 19 2006
Default is Good

Wallpaper Other by uglyaskde 8 comments

Well, cooperation doesn't mean that there should be one environment, but that gnome and kde should work together where it makes sense. Look at project portland for example.

P.S.: I'm also really getting tired of all these kiddies trying to start gnome vs. kde flamewars.

P.P.S: Oh, and this little gem also shows up on, so much for a gnome only site... - Jan 08 2006
LINUX 1024 (on demand)

Wallpaper Other by kijun 4 comments

it is the redhat bluecurve theme

check out:

apt-get install redhat-artwork - Dec 03 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by bmzf 56 comments

Thanxs for packaging this. One thing about 0.5 is that the emblem for symbolic links is too big, this should be fixed in the .theme file. Other that that, thanxs for the effort. - Nov 22 2005
Aqua-NukeX cursor

Cursors by vanaedium 10 comments

Having the same problem. - Oct 15 2005
Ford Mustang GTR

GDM Themes by X-Dimension 4 comments

Well it is funny because i have that as my wallpaper for a long time. The theme would improve ALOT if you used some better icons more related to the theme. Maybe an engine, some bracks...... - Sep 26 2005

GDM Themes by smashse 1 comment

Very nice. Can we have some colour variations of the background?

Thanxs - Sep 26 2005
Jini Icon theme

Icon Sub-Sets by bluetux 37 comments

Nice work. My suggestions:
- ftp, ssh & other icons for conection folder in nautilus.
- totem icon.
- ipod icon (gnome 2.12 uses such icon for mounting ipods & usb mp3 players)

Thanxs! - Sep 22 2005
Dropline Nuovo!

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 29 comments

Good work, as usual. You're doing a fine job with your icon themes. - Sep 17 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by epicbard 104 comments

I love the GANT icons! You should mix in some umicons though for certain apps (like realplayer, xmms, etc). Also, where can I find that metacity theme in your screenshot? - Sep 11 2005
Screenshot Luglio

Gnome Screenshots by CiccioBueo 3 comments

Post theme and icon set plz! - Jul 06 2005
Eclipse icons

Icon Sub-Sets by takyon 3 comments

Thank you so much! I was searching for something like this, since I started using eclipse. - Jul 01 2005
Aurora Desktop Environment

Various Gnome Stuff by demom 72 comments

Oh, you mean something like GNOME? - Jun 10 2005
Gartoon Icon theme (v0.4.5)

Icon Sub-Sets by unseen 27 comments

this is the best them I've ever found.
I wish I could find a good window theme to match :/

Anyway, some icons I'd love to see in are:
for applicatio-
- vim/gvim editor
- totem movie player
- alexandria library manager

but except for vim they're not really widely used applications, I understand their lack :)

Also a little thing about mime types: IMVHO it would be better to move the extension suggestion (i.e. "svg") out of the paper sketch to be more readable.

Also, it would be nice if the icons for executable scripts could be more different, i.รจ. adding the usual snake or camel or php icon. Oh and a ruby icon for .rb files.

anyway thanks for what you'ver alreeady done. - Jun 05 2005