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Michy P. , Italy
elementary EM GTK

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May 23 2010
Thank you for the answer, weakhead.

Actually I've found a workaround adding some line in the gtkrc, without affecting the whole theme. :) - Sep 06 2010
weakhead, in my opinion this is the best variation of the elementary theme i've seen. Great job, really!

I like so much this theme that i would like to use it with a different palette of colors, but i have problem identifying the right parameter for the side panel color. Is it possible to change this value? If so, can you give me some tips?


- Sep 04 2010

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Aug 02 2011
I have the same problem mentioned by erosenninrho: installed from .deb package, but, when i run the program, it doesn't show the preview icons and, although i can change the values and generate the iconset, it doesn't exist at all. - Jul 10 2010
Elementary remix

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by golan
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Mar 26 2010
Golan, thank you again! :) - Mar 29 2010
Golan, thank you for your help! I changed the value to the side panel to the color I wanted.

Sorry to bother again, but I have another request for you.

What value I need to change to have the same color in the area i selected in this screenshot as for the color I used for the side panel?

- Mar 28 2010
Yes, the side panel in nautilus.

I created a beige version of the theme, but I would like to change the color of the side panel to one a little darker or different color at all.

Could you help me?

:) - Mar 28 2010
I really enjoy the little changes you made to it!

Anyway, I have a question for you: what parameter I need to modify to have a different color for the side pane?

:) - Mar 27 2010

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Sep 25 2009
Thank you for the answer! Indeed I thought that was the right workround, but I realized it wasn't working with all icon set, so I guessed there was something else to do. Probably it's a matter of finding the right parameter for the various files... - Oct 04 2009
Talking about emblems, how do you manage to make them beeing "attached" to the folder instead on the top of it (i hope I describe in the right way).
I would like to extend this way of using the emblems to other icon set. :) - Oct 03 2009
This is my first comment here on GNOME-LOOK and, as a relatively new ubuntu user, I am impressed by the amount of beautiful artworks on this site. Talking about icon themes, I find that your set is the most beautiful, elegant, clean and colourful of them all: I use it extensively and I always wait for new variations. The latest ones are so great!
Thank you for the amount of work you put on it: it's so appreciated! And also thank you for the gnome-colors source pack: it's a nice idea to allow people to create new set with their own personal color choice.

I've just tried the script and I created a variation: I called it Gnome-Emerald (dark green). I hope you don't mind if I upload it here in case some user would like to see it.

Again, amazing work! :) - Jul 14 2009