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BlueIce kwin decoration w/ color scheme

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 72 comments

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Nov 05 2004
Yes. i had to recompile the window decoration. Using the new qt compiled conflicted with the theme cause it was compiled with the old qt. Good thing too, cause i LOVE this theme ^_^ - Oct 12 2004
I just recompiled kde, with immqt as my use flag (for my japanese text support) But when i did that and restarted. The theme did not work at all on my computer. IT took 5 minutes to load up kde, and the theme bars didnt exist, so i couldnt even move the windows around. i hade to delete my .kde3.3 folder. This happends also with the nvidia theme as well. Just to let you know. I will try re-compiling the theme. - Oct 12 2004