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Fabrizio Angius Pisa, Italy
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Jun 19 2006
Sorry guys, but Tellico is a quite different project.
I know Tellico very well and it's a really good piece of software, but Movida is different.
The OSDaB Project (this is where Movida was born) should have been something similar to Tellico, but then I saw Tellico and similar software and I changed my mind. Here are some reasons and differences from Tellico:

1) Movida is cross-platform (*nix, Win32 and possibly MacOSX), Tellico is for KDE
2) Tellico is a general purpose cataloguer. Movida is an ad-hoc movie cataloguing software. This means it has an ad-hoc GUI (the Tellico dialogs are not so bad, though) and ad-hoc features (or planned features, as I have few time to work on it), like import/export to or from online and offline resources (tellico is not excluded!).
3) The world would be a better place if children wouldn't be starving while a bunch of politicians and CEOs are taking a bath in their football-sized swimming pool filled with hypocrisy and demagogy.
4) I have no need for other cataloguers but for a _good_ movie manager ;) I know, this is a pretty selfish reason ;)
5) Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate ;)
6) A tighter KDE integration is planned but it's really on the lower end of my TODO list. - Jun 19 2006
The OSDaB Project's code snippets section has been updated.
The first Qt4 ports have been uploaded to the Developer's Corner:

MD5 hashing algorithm
SHA1 hashing algorithm
Base64 encoding and decoding
XML Writer
- Sep 30 2005
sure, it's already planned :)
i will start working on applications for managing cd and book collections as soon as development of movida is in a more advanced state. i din't have lots of free time this last two months, so it will take some more time (i hope movida will be almost completed for the last quarter of this year). - Jun 17 2005