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Jun 04 2003
decency- i don't hate it, i just choose to ignore it, really. and no, i wouldn't rate your god wallpaper bad, i would just ignore it. i visit plenty of sites similar to this, some of them do have religious items. i always tasetfully ignore them, as to not offend religious people. i try not to offend them because they will eventually throw some 'jesus died for your sins' shit at me, so i figure i'd best just ignore them, and they'll go away. i supposed i just ignored my own principle, but fuck it. - Jun 04 2003
thanks for the few people, who like me, try to find the humour in stupid situations like this. the reason you're probably here is to kill a little time, not get pissed off at me. just ignore this wallpaper if you don't like it, nobody's making you download it! oh, and, once again, i purposely made it look like crap. mostly to piss people off, and cuz i wanted to hurry and put up the naked chick. ;) - Jun 04 2003
in case you didn't get it, i only posted this to read the reactions of different people. this is truly the worst wallpaper i have ever created, and i only did it to get a chuckle. i still find it very amusing that people react negatively to crap that everybody knows is crap. i purposly made it bad to read everybody's overexcited comments about how bad and 'unneccessary' it was. --just remember, freedom of speech protects speech you don't want to hear.

thanks again, everybody. - Jun 03 2003
people have downloaded this, so my work here is done! thanks for all your comments ;) - Jun 03 2003
;) - Jun 03 2003
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May 30 2003
i chose win 95, because it actually is the worst version of windows to ever be released upon the public. - May 31 2003