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ATER Gaim Guification

Various Gnome Stuff by Simzer 6 comments

first you have to have gaim and guifications plugin installed. then download this theme, extract contents of the archive to ~/.gaim/guifications/themes and select it in the preferences window - Oct 28 2006
Debian Menu Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by ariszlo 9 comments

does it work with ubuntu? - Jun 14 2006

GTK2 Themes by blackbird 7 comments

you don't have to wait for dapper - May 05 2006
clear icons

Icon Sub-Sets by olinux 27 comments

will you make any app icons? - Apr 19 2006
no|name - Iconset

Icon Sub-Sets by flomar 15 comments

i think the computer icon is too simple. I think it would be better with some shadow or reflect or something - Apr 17 2006
Ubuntu - space4icons

Wallpapers Ubuntu by kamathln 4 comments

the image is quite low quality (look at the ubuntu logo), could you make it in some losslessly format? - Apr 15 2006

GTK2 Themes by curtis 11 comments

shouldn't those stripes in nautilus browser be some other colour? - Apr 09 2006
Ubuntu 3D Wallpaper

Wallpapers Ubuntu by petitwilly 8 comments

could you make a transparent version so the wall colour is changeable? - Feb 19 2006

Fonts by bink 9 comments

I dont have that folder.
but i looked at gnome help and there was the installation described
i had to go to fonts:/// and copy the font in there
thanks - Dec 19 2005

Fonts by bink 9 comments

thanks for the reply, but i have gnome. sorry that i didnt mention it but i saw this font at gnome-look and i didnt know it was at kde-look too until notificatin email came from kde-look.
i have gnome on ubuntu hoary - Dec 15 2005

Fonts by bink 9 comments

how do i install it? - Dec 15 2005
it looks like so yes, its quite ugly.
but i think i have clearlooks engine because clearlooks theme works ok. where can i check whether i have it? - Nov 30 2005
i have the same problem i had with alphacube. when i use this theme, it looks like "default" theme. i have ubuntu.
can somebody help me? i really like this theme and i would like to use it - Nov 29 2005