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Bashir Saade
Masalla Icon Theme

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Score 85.5%
Oct 02 2018
You know what it's actually fine as it is. It is the quiteRSS app icon. But it looks fine after all :) - Dec 11 2015
First thank you for the icon theme it is one of my favorite!
Is it possible to suggest a few Icons to be change (that are still in there original)?
One is the quite ugly Quite RSS top panel bar green icon.

B. - Nov 30 2015
d-Art Green

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by takiz
Score 66.5%
Nov 24 2014
This is a great theme, the green is amazing.

Small thing happening: - Nov 29 2014
MyGreyBird Elementary GTK Theme

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Score 73.1%
Mar 28 2019
Thanks it worked! - Nov 28 2014
Four folders: gtk-2.0, gtk-3.0, metacity-1, unity
One file: index.theme

By the way interesting thing: if I don't sudo nautilus I can't really open the folder elementary-dark-panel. Only if I sudo it then I can open and see what's in it. - Nov 28 2014
Yes I did that, but for some themes (such as this one) once I extract it and I copy it to the themes folder nothing happens (it does not appear in tweak tool). - Nov 27 2014
Quick question, why some themes (like this one) when copy pasted into the themes folder in /usr/shared/themes/ Does not appear in Unity Tweak tool in say Ubuntu 14.04. What am I missing? - Nov 26 2014

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Jan 06 2020
No worries, whatever works. Maybe I can then manually edit the theme? - Nov 28 2014
Are you trying on ubuntu 14.04 or similar? Can you see it on the various applications? So for example with Calibre you have this light grey background with white character when selected. But with Zim for example it's perfect, when you select something it uses a dark grey patch which is great. Polly (twitter app) is really bad for hyperlinks and @name because they are completely invisible. They seem to have the same color as the background. Anyway hope this helps.
This series of grey is really great, just finding the right balance would be amazing.
Great job! - Nov 27 2014
I'm trying to figure out if I can attach a picture here to show you. But if you try to open Calibre for example, if you select an item (in this case a book to read) the characters will have a white color against a light grey background. I'm thinking either the background should be darker or the color of the highlighted item should be darker, or more vivid. Does this make sense? It may not be a bug just a choice of color? - Nov 26 2014
Thanks you did a great job!
Maybe another comment worth considering is that in some applications when you highlight something or select it goes white (over gray) and you can't see anymore what is written. Maybe better a color that can be seen? If anything you can tell me how I can manually change it if you prefer to keep it that way? - Nov 26 2014
I really love your theme thanks! This is why I'd like to resolve this not very important but a bit annoying thing happening. When I scroll down or up say a list (on say Rhythmbox) the cursor highlight with a patch of grey every track without selecting them. And in some programs the hyperlinked words are in white on a background of grey so you can't read them. Do you have advice on how to fix this? - Nov 25 2014
Score 84.0%
Nov 25 2014