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Bipin Babu Chennai, India
Disk Karamba

Karamba & Superkaramba by krupski 6 comments

This seriously looks good on the desktop...I really like it... - May 15 2006
XMMS Skin - SeaMaster

XMMS Skins by ArbitraryReason 12 comments

Hey Buddy,

I like the XMMS theme. I am more impressed at the ICON set you have. Which one is this? I am on SuSE 10.0. I guess you are on the same - Mar 11 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by amdfanatyk 4 comments


Has anybody got this working?? Am trying in on suse 10.0. I guess there is somethign wrong with this...not sure though....

ps aux | grep vsftpd | awk '{print $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 $18 $19 $20 $21 $22 $23 $24 $25}'|grep :" interval=1000 color=255,255,255 fontsize=10 font="sans"

Thanks, - Mar 05 2006
Notes List

Karamba & Superkaramba by kdu 4 comments


I havent used it extensively...I actually wanted one like this....This is nice...its cool....great work dude....

Cheers, - Feb 05 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by guppetto 74 comments

I downloded the tar,bz2 and without reading I installed the iconset. I am running on SuSE 10 KDE 3.5. There was on change in the icon. So I looked through the posting here and realized that I need to run the script. I ran the script and later i installed the tar.bz2 ball that was created in the folder. But still the icondet has not changed and pretty much the icons have defaulted to Clear SVG 1.0. I really liked the iconset can someone help me with this one.

Thanks - Jan 30 2006