Weather Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions by rowancompsciguy 127 comments

please add to the requirements:


also why dont you use to host the package. the current download page has so much flash animation and just freezes my computer.

But many thanks for the nice plasmoid. - Oct 22 2008

Utilities by marcel83 130 comments

Hi Marel

Is it possible to add support to increase and decrease volume using "amixer". I am a great fan of KDE (on Desktop) but in a laptop I use icewm - I would prefer to avoid to have better battery life.

Many thanks ... - Aug 13 2008

Full Icon Themes by dannya 31 comments

Application icons on the taskbar show my COLOURED icons. How to update or change them to monochrome? - Jul 19 2005

System Software by ronnyK18 84 comments

Hi There
I clicked on downloads but the file is not available...

Could you check if the download section is OK? (Or is it an error of

And another request in resolution you can add 1280x800 or better add a blank field so that user can type it and create it for different resolutions...

-K - Jun 29 2005

Network by telemaco 3 comments

Try out "gkrellm" that will give you stats for day, week, month... - Jun 08 2005
Could you put a INSTALL file on how this needs to be installed (for a newbie like me) - Mar 18 2005