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Holger B
Black Plastic

GTK2 Themes by Cybolic 8 comments

First of all, don't feel bad about receiving bad votings. It doesn't mean your theme sucks; most of the time you don't hit the trend. If you want high votings create the nth color scheme of the popular theme of the hour. :)

The theme looks nice, though I prefer a bit more color myself.
The selected button on the windowlist looks really bad. I guess you wanted to create a sunken look. However the borders simply look blurry.
I'm also not to sure about the blue outline of the selected menu item. Maybe try a darker blue? - Aug 09 2006

GTK2 Themes by Remenic 251 comments

Hi there,

your great looking engine got even better.
But I also noticed, that epiphany's entry box and scrollbars aren't themed. Is this a known bug? - Feb 25 2005

Metacity Themes by meister 7 comments

I think you forgot the maximised unfocused state. All other unfocused titlebars are dark like the focused ones, maximized_unfocused is white though. - Feb 22 2005

Wallpapers Gnome by dariorodt 4 comments

...very cute!
I'm not too fond of the font :) though. It also feels to squeezed? , there should be a space between the penguine and the text.
Anyway, please keep up the good work. - Feb 20 2005

Cursors by dvornik 34 comments

This theme was my favorite back when I used windows. Thx a lot for bringing this to gnome. - Jul 17 2004