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Win7 menu button

GnoMenu Skins by algalord 18 comments

my arguement is this... yes indeed winblows is winblows.. linux is linux.
but this my friends... is desktop customization.. what we are proving here is that the linux desktop can look like anything we want it to look like...and here are some resources to make it look like that. It's all about choice, see many linux shots and windows shots trying to desperately copy mac osx's look.. why dont we say...i dunno..macs are macs linux is linux in that case? well duh it is.. but customization allows us to get whatever we like. and as a matter of fact this is one step closer to getting a win7 like set up. the fact that the gnome desktop can do something like this itself is something to be proud of. gnome is very customizable indeed. - Jan 23 2009
Speaker Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by ZombieHero 6 comments

dude... make a freakin icon theme. youve got skillz..seriously.
and honestly if you can make something of this calibre and detail in inkscape and release an icon theme in svg will get lots of love from deskmodders..
not to mention you would make teh gnome gui teh sexxeeh, famous, and lots more people will adopt it.
in short you are and will be a l33t artist amongst ordinary puny humans. - Jan 14 2009
Clear Rss Screenlet

Conky by Whise 4 comments

it would be nice that instead of right clicking and then going to feeds and then selecting one feed...that the screenlet would take stories from all rss feeds and show them like it does in the vista rss feed gadget or in some konfabulator themes. at least an option for this would be nice.

also an easier method to adding custom feeds would be much highly appreciated. :)

also an adjustible size as in "show this many feeds in one window before scrolling to the next" option would be very nice.

while most rss screenlets are a bit disappointing this one does look more promising especially if more features are included in it. - Sep 14 2008

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 45 comments

now all we need is an emerald theme.. i find emerald to be much better than metacity decorations.

and good to see the eikon theme has progressed so much from when i last saw it.

i got just one question why does your calibri looks soo good where as mine renders like crap. every other font i use works awesome EXcept for calibri! it really pisses me off since it is indeed a very beautiful font.

- Aug 30 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Cheerios-33 6 comments

And oh yah.. i forgot to mention that i cannot find the reflection map you are talking about. - Jul 04 2008

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Cheerios-33 6 comments

This is a very refreshing theme! good job man! amazing stuff. My only request would be for you to please release a separate version with smaller buttons. preferably with a height of 24 pixels. It would make it ever more convenient to use. - Jul 04 2008