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Andrea Rizzi
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Apr 02 2007
...of my old application (before kbabel arrival) ;-| - Sep 07 2005
Real World Wallpapers

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Jul 10 2005
I've added some version with toy-like colors.
I'm not sure if are better the original images or the "extra color" version.
Feedback is welcome - Jun 25 2005

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Feb 03 2005
Potresti aggiungere la possibilit - Dec 22 2004
Konqueror search/filter field idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 30 comments

by WedDa
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Nov 14 2004
I think using
you get the same result.

Andrea - Nov 15 2004
IT IS possible to use wildcards in location bar right now.

The only "problem" is that directory are always shown (the wildcard apply only to files) - Nov 15 2004

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Jan 07 2004
fish:// is a frontend for scp not for secure shell session. - Apr 25 2004
I didn't say kssh is the only way to do so.
I can also write some bash alias or scripts or whatever.
Why we do have knotes ? you can simply use
cat ~/MYNOTES and vi ~/MYNOTES
or why do we use a clock, you can type "date" at cli...why kppp ? I connected for years to my ISP without it.
So what?
Maybe lot of non linux guru users know nothing about .ssh/config or "man ssh" or bash super-smart-completion but *understand* the UI of kssh.
Kssh is a frontend, as the name said it does not add any feature to the backend... - Jan 11 2004
I use it when I should connect with some options (e.g port forwarding) or to connect to long(difficult to remember) host names (completion is your friend in kssh). - Jan 07 2004