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Big Vax Moscow, Russian Federation
I have made this icons set on resolution 64x64.
see -

Resolution 32x32 - cooming soon... - Dec 15 2002
Thank you...
Version on 64x64 - is coming soon... ;)
- Dec 14 2002
Thank you...
I have made icons for MS Mplayer because I wanted to see files of ms-types (.wmv, .avi) as distinguished from other media-files.
An icon for the itself ms-mplayer I has drawn for completeness of the complete set. ;-)

- Dec 14 2002
Thank for your praise.
But I am afraid offer my works to Crystal team - as i am not the real artist - i the programmer ;)
I draw icons which me does not suffice in existing icons sets.
Once again - i thank for your opinion on my works.. - Dec 14 2002
I thank all for a high estimation of my modest work - Dec 14 2002
thanks for you good opinion - Dec 14 2002
Only handing install this icons...
1. Unpac this arc 4379-mc-icons.tar.gz into temp directory
2. copy icons from temp dir into your like theme place - example:
cp /tmp/mc-icons/48/* /usr/share/icons/Crystal/48x48/apps/
3. Enjoy... ;) - Dec 14 2002