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Andrea Gonzalez
sco TP

Wallpaper Other by gg3po 12 comments

Wow, you seem to have a lot of SCO stock. Is all that yours?

Well done! - Nov 12 2003
'the winner'

Wallpaper Other by sgtfats 5 comments

I like how this is shaping up. Whimsical and fun.

Like the other poster mentioned, a visible racetrack would help a lot. And the big finish banner would look better as a b/w checkered tile than penguins. Just my opinion. Oh, and anything to do about Tux's arms? Maybe instead of a trophy, give him a helmet and goggles? Just some ideas.

I know that modeling these things takes a lot of time and attention, and good work so far! With more refinements and more detail added over time, it might be a classic. - Nov 08 2003
Don't take no Einstein...

Wallpaper Other by timbrown527 26 comments

I really like what you've done with the colored bar; the 3-D and shadowing effects are sweet! Good quote too.

Hope your trumpets are playing a nice tune today. :) - Oct 22 2003
HOWTO: KWin Window Manager Decorations

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by Brandybuck 17 comments

Excellent as usual. Thanks for both the tutorial, and for writing clear readable code to begin with. You really help lower the learning curve. After your tutorial folks should have a framework within which to start playing with masking and bitmaps and other cool stuff. Bravo. - Oct 18 2003
Pacifica Style

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by BigRedFish 8 comments

Thanks! Comparisons to NeXT are high praise! I was trying to get a 1980s CUA feel out of Qinx - looks like it worked. - Sep 09 2003
Pacifica Style

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by BigRedFish 8 comments

You're right; it is Qinx with a few nudges in key places to address the common complaints about Qinx. Mostly it's subtle stuff: consistent visual feedback from buttons, making all gradients on similar objects run the same way, unselected tabs no longer look disabled, the scrollbar buttons and slider gradients use the same light source now.

Somewhat bigger, I added reverse-layout support to the asymmetrical elements like tabs, combos, spin widgets, and so on. Run an app with the --reverse parameter and compare to Qinx.

I agree that this one's a bit too derivative; it would almost be a Qinx patch but I changed way too much code for that. Hopefully I've given the original author enough credit and complied with the etiquette for doing such minor forking. Now I'm working on a new 100%-original style, but it'll be a while before we see a 0.1 of it. - Sep 09 2003
Green Tea

KDE 3 Color Schemes by norbalin 11 comments

Good show! It's attractive, low-eyestrain, and makes me want Japanese food. Definitely a 'keeper.' Visualize Green Tea. - Sep 05 2003
Pacifica Style

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by BigRedFish 8 comments

Thanks for commenting. I appreciate what you're saying - this site is about eye-candy, and the Pacifica style is (intentionally) more like eye-tofu. Eye-tofu for your KDE desktop - I think that'll be the Pacifica project slogan!

I should mention that there are no hard-coded colors in the style; everything is taken from the color settings in kcontrol. Just keep button text and normal text the same color until I fix a menu bar text-color bug. The contrast slider has a lot of power too. Just FYI, everyone. - Sep 04 2003

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by pirke 3 comments

...not so much the text.

Could you post one that's just the background without the KDE text, or point me to where I can D/L it?

I'd like to make a matched-set of LILO graphic bootmenu, Linux bootsplash, and KDM login wallpaper with it, but that text is sitting right on the prime screen real estate. And a KDE logo on a LILO boot screen makes no sense.

Still that color background is, to my eyes, quite nice.

- Aug 11 2003
Blue Rust

Wallpaper Other by Jayson 2 comments

KDE-look could use more simple textured wallpaper like this. Nice job. One thing, though: Wouldn't this work better as a tile with transparency, so people could set their own colours? Still, I like the concept, and vote 'good'. - Aug 06 2003