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bob machan , United States of America
Bare Naked

Plasma Themes by Primus 7 comments

I was going to switch from Naked except the notes
plasmoid was not transparent. I like the look of
the notes text against the background. Other than
that I liked it and would be using 'Bare Naked'.

Keep up the good work.


- Jan 23 2009

Plasma Themes by pfspear 14 comments

This is the best!!!!! Not sure how you
would improve it!!!!!


bob - Nov 17 2008
simple weather forecast

Plasma 4 Extensions by biophysics 204 comments

Its working great on intrepid but had a couple
of thoughts. Adding a third day or the option
would make it more useful and normally I see
the high temp as the top number or the first.

It looks good and works well for me.


- Nov 08 2008