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by kiddo
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Jan 08 2016
Regarding the transparency on the trash icon. This is a bug on my side and it had to do with the theme I was using.
For some reason the theme was overriding the icon transparency and putting its own background. Selecting a different theme that look similar fixed the problem for me.
Everything else is working fine! Once again, thanks.

- Mar 17 2007
Sorry to continue rambling on the trash icon but I also noticed that both the empty and the full trash icon are not transparent. If I make the background of my panel transparent I noticed that the trash icons show a gray background on them. This only happens for the trash and the rest of the icons do show up correctly.

Thanks :) - Mar 16 2007
On your new icon theme the trash icon is still broken.
The empty icon should be user-trash.png
The name for the trash full is Ok.

Check also the gimp icon I think this one is also pulling from the gnome icon set.

- Mar 16 2007
Hi kiddo!
I found a way to fix the broken trash icon problem everyone is having in Ubuntu. I am not sure if other distro's are going through the same issue but it seems to be a problem with the name used by the trash icon.

Go to your OSX/scalable/places directory
rename gnome-fs-trash-empty.png to user-trash.png
rename gnome-fs-trash-full.png to user-trash-full.png

There is also a synlink with the name: gnome-fs-trash-empty-accept.png that used to point the full trash icon. I just erased this synlink and no harm was done. I am not sure what the point of synlink but then again its my first time modifying icons. ;-)

If on Ubuntu just refresh the panels by typing this on the command line: pkill gnome-panel

. . . and we are done, having ubunting everyone.

The End - Mar 14 2007
You are right about those mimetypes, they do show up correctly. The problem seems to be the trash icon that still shows the old one. This problem was reported in another thread back in 11/02/2006.
- Mar 10 2007
This is sweet but I noticed that my trash can still looks the same.
Also the following minetypes do not show the appropriate icons:

I only tested the above but there could be more.
Running: Ubuntu Edgy, AMD64, GNOME 2.16.1

Do you know when we will see an update, this is just awesome? - Feb 23 2007