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Bartosz GÅ‚owacki
Soft Plastic (QtCurve)

QtCurve 8 comments

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Jun 09 2012
Great effort! Keep it up. Is there a possibility to add a light glow around the text in titlebar? It would make the theme, as well as many others, usable with any background/wallpaper when you set the titlebar opacity to 0% and turn on the blur kwin plugin. Now when I use the White Pearls color scheme and move a now transparent titlebar over a black background, the title text is barely visible, so being able to make the title of the window glow would be a great enhancement. - Jun 02 2012
AirRGB (QtCurve)

QtCurve 13 comments

by Mitu
Score 50.0%
Jul 14 2010
Have you enabled VSync? I did this and windows got blurred immediately, but what I got then was an unusable desktop (in terms of speed). FYI, KWin devs discourage to use blur effect with custom themes, because KWin itself will be fully prepared for such effects only in KDE SC 4.6 release. - Nov 13 2010
I use KDE 4.5.3 and QtCurve 1.7.0 and can't use blur on windows also, despite it being on in systemsettings. - Nov 13 2010
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Apr 07 2010
Using KDE 4.5 RC2 and cannot believe this GTK theme can use KDE's "Application Colors"

How did you achieve this? I can't make it use Obsidian color scheme under KDE 4.5.1 - Sep 11 2010

Audio Extractors/Converters 608 comments

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Oct 01 2017
Thank you very much! Now can't compile it, but this is, I think, closely connected with the compiler version in use (gcc 4.4.3). - Feb 06 2010
I did everything you mentioned, but I'm still stuck with no backends on the list. - Feb 05 2010
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Mar 07 2010

Graphic Apps
by boud

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Mar 07 2010
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9   Jun 03 2012