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Great, it seems working. Thank you. - Feb 22 2020
pemartins, hi!
There is an issue with link again. I see, that opendesktop provides now a Nextcloud instance. You can open it with "grid" button on top of the page then "Storage" button. Could you please upload the archive to this cloud and share it? Or also you could use any other hosting, but this cloud seems more or less "native". - Jan 07 2020
@pemartins, hi again! I suddenly have got an idea — since any sound in your soundpack is under very permissive licenses, you able to switch license of whole package to, lets say, CC-BY-4.0 or even copyleft CC-BY-SA-4.0 or some other. It will make the package more transparent in copy"right" field and more suitable to include it to GNU/Linux distributions. Someone, please, correct me if I wrong. - Jan 07 2019
Great, thanks! Done. - Jan 05 2018
About documentation — yes, exactly. There is no problem with documentation directory, but it seems more suitable to put it outside of sound files however. - Jan 04 2018
Yeah, thank you, it's working now: Is Zippyshare hosts files for long term?

Actually it will be nice in my opinion if you decide to give a version number to your sound theme and split the documentation with the sound files. =) - Jan 03 2018
Could you please make a mirror for this? I am trying to add your sound theme to Archlinux AUR and need a permanent link. The link seems changing time to time. - Jan 02 2018
Fits well for xfce4! - Jan 02 2018
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9   Jan 02 2018
Fits well for xfce4!