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Benzi Benzi
Kurumin KDM1

KDM3 Themes by CzLizard 3 comments

Please add an English translation to your description. - Sep 22 2007
LXP Splashy

Bootsplash Various by Chrispy 2 comments

Haha, very nice, but you misspelled "powerful." - Aug 17 2007
Just Linux

Bootsplash Various by aimara 5 comments

I agree. I like it, but why the license? - Jan 15 2007
I and my body

People by xivona 292 comments

I love KDE, and I come here looking for art and eye candy for my desktop. Most of the time, I get great stuff. But more and more, I start to run into this kind of content.

This item should NOT be in plain view from the content browser. There ARE kids who go to this site. How do I know? I think you can figure that one out. I do not view pornography regularly, and I find it extremely inconsiderate to post "adult content" on a site like this. Whether it is art or not is another question. My complaint is that this stuff is being thrown around kde-look for people like me to stumble upon. I recognize your freedom of speech, but this is a community that you need to be respectful of. There may some day be a designated area for adult content on this site, but while there isn't, keep this stuff on the pornography sites. - Sep 05 2006