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Benno Dielmann
Kpapers: idea looks for developers!

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by cbouveyron 25 comments


It does almost all of the things described on the Papers website although this might not be visible on the first glance: It is highly configurable, you can add your own collection fields.

For example, you could add a URL field where you can drop your PDF files (or select them through a dialog) and get a clickable link to the file.

Tellico exports Bibtex and provides powerful sorting and filtering possibilities.


It doesn't have an integrated PDF viewer, though, but clicking on a URL leading to a PDF file (local or remote) opens it up in Okular with all its niceness :-).

Maybe one could contribute some Okularpart embedding to Tellico, though. - Jul 02 2010
System Load Viewer

Plasma 4 Extensions by MJD 48 comments

How about showing the System Activity dialog when clicking on the plasmoid? The one you get with Alt-F2 and clicking on the second icon... - Jul 19 2008
Convert text files to utf-8

Dolphin Service Menus by bendie 2 comments

;-) In fact, there is no encoding detection at all. Its just a simple wrapper for the command

iconv -f latin-1 -t utf_8 %u -o %u_utf-8

where %u is the selected file. Nothing more. If you have to convert other encodings than latin-1, I suggest you to replace this in the iconv-servicemenu.desktop.

If you know of any method to add automatic detection please let me know. The examples you provide all seem to involve programming exceeding the scope of such a simple service menu entry. Correct me if I'm wrong...

For me personally, there isn't any need for several different input encodings since I use it mainly for converting my old files from my backups (See the lengthy description above...), on which latin-1 works quite well.

If there is anyone out there needing detection of different input encodings, please let me know, so I can think about a way to add it. - Feb 24 2005