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Sep 15 2006
Hi there.

That's weird. What vncserver are you using?

I'm currently putting some work into ScreenKast (mainly porting it to KDE4, but also improving the hideous use-friendlyness ;-)). I'll keep you guys posted of any changes.

bram - Dec 10 2007
Yes and no actually.
I was lacking funds to continue the captorials website (streaming video, you know ;-) ), but recently, some people contacted me with hosting solutions, and I've started working on a new version, together with a new screenKast app (kde 4). It won't be for any time soon (think months, not weeks), but expect something to happen. :) - Nov 20 2007
Gosh, you're right, forgot to re-package screenkast too. libinstrudeo-dev was already fixed though.
Should finally work now.

b. - Oct 12 2006
You were right; I updated the packages.
Please try again.


Bram - Oct 12 2006
According to the error message that's returned to you, it seems like the local VNC server isn't running. ScreenKast offers you the possibility to start up a server, but if you do this for the first time, you'll have to enter a password (so not everyone is able to connect to it).

You can use the "vncpasswd" command to set a password for you local VNC server. Just run vncpasswd in a terminal and enter your password (twice). From then, on, you should be able to start/stop the server from within ScreenKast.

If you want this explanation in a graphical way, please see the software section at If you encounter another error, don't hesitate to reply or contact me personally.

Bram - Sep 24 2006
I think you don't have a vnc-server running. The How-to-install captorial, here:
should help you along.

If not, just reply and I'll walk you through.

Bram - Sep 24 2006
For now, this is mandatory, but it'll be fixed in the next release. So will the vncserver (or tightvncserver?) dependency, thanks for the tip.

Bram - Sep 18 2006
Somebody posted a nice captorial on how to setup ScreenKast:

Bram - Sep 18 2006
No, sorry, not yet... - Sep 16 2006

You can find SuSe 10.1 packages at:

If you want to compile, check this:

If you still encounter errors, please mail me.

Bram - Sep 16 2006
First build-instructions for FC5:

1. ---Make this symlink---
ln -s /usr/lib/

2. ---Install ftgl---
ftgl doesn't seem to be in the standard repository, please check out:
and tell me if that ftgl package works.

These are instructions to overcome the first hurdles, please contact me with success or failure stories, I will put an entry in the FAQ at captorials if all went well. - Aug 09 2006
This is strange, compiles fine here on a fresh Debian install (unstable though).

Make sure you have libx11-dev installed.
You can always try the debian packages, too.


PS: libinstrudeo won't compile on the stable release, because of missing dependencies in the ffmpeg-packages (unless you compile ffmpeg from source). - Jul 23 2006

Indeed, that would be great.
I can't tell when it will happen, but I assume that this can be put on the (long term?) todo list for ScreenKast.

I know this isn't really what you are asing for, but ScreenKast can be used to record video's from a FreeBSD environment. Just install a VNC server on your FreeBSD-box and connect to it using ScreenKast from a Linux-client.
Together with, perhaps this can be a great way to promote FreeBSD to other users. - Jul 18 2006
Hi all,

I just finished creating all packages for Ubuntu/Kubuntu, Debian and SuSe.
These are the distributions that I will create packages for. At least, for now.
The source packages also build fine on Gentoo.
If they build on your distribution, or if any of the supplied packages work on other distributions, please tell me.

For those that encounter errors, you can contact me too, but don't expect miracles.

Also, I'll be happy to host your custom-build packages.


Bram - Jul 18 2006
That's true.
Glibmm is widely available though. - Jul 18 2006
The dependencies (for SuSe 10.1) were described at - Jul 18 2006
I'll work on it today. ;-) - Jul 18 2006

You're right. Slackware seems to be compiling the test-programs, generated by autoconf in an odd way.
The only solution we've found is to comment out/remove the dependency-tests from the file ( for libinstrudeo) that cause problems.
Note that you are responsible for these dependencies yourself, then. - Jul 15 2006
This is fixed in 0.1.2.
The problem was that the libinstrudeo header files didn't get installed. - Jul 15 2006
This is strange, since i didn't write the code, but copied it out of some working configure script of another prog.

Can you please join the screenkast mailinglist and re-post your question, because this is a little uncomfortable... - Jul 12 2006
Please delete this line from :

AC_CHECK_LIB(instrudeo, mai ...

Then re-run ./ && ./configure

I guess this will solve the problem for now.

b. - Jul 11 2006
It seems like everytime I fix something in the build scripts in favor of one distribution, breaks something in another one.
Are there any autotools-experts who would like te do a small revision out there?

b. - Jul 11 2006
Can you check svn now?
I guess it's been solved this evening... - Jul 10 2006

This has been discussed on the screenkast-mailinglist.
Try running
If that doesn't work, comment out the following line in the file:
dnl PKG_CHECK_MODULES(X11, xproto x11 xt xmu xpm xext) - Jul 09 2006
As mentioned on the mailinglist,
I just released libinstrudeo 0.1.1
This version should build a whole lot better on all your systems.


Totally revised build-system.
port to libcurl instead of ftplib
minor bugfixes

Revision of ScreenKast-build system will take place tonight and I hope to release ScreenKast 0.1.1 tomorrow. - Jul 07 2006
Mail-copied from the libinstrudeo mailing list:


Hi all,

I worked almost two nights straight on a new libinstrudeo release.


Totally revised build-system.
libcurl support
minor bugfixes

Hopefully, this release will build a little better on all your systems than
0.1. I'll post it tomorrow, after a final revision without a sleepy head.

b. - Jul 06 2006
Hi all,

Clearly, the software doesn't work on all platforms/distributions.
I'm sorry for all the bugs/compile problems, but as I said, this project is only a few days old, so please give me a break.
The past few days have been extremely hectic for me, but things are flatting out, and I'll jump into the code again asap.
Please send me your bug reports, compile-error dumps, or just a naughty limerick to cool down ;-)

I understand the ftplib package is the cause of error number 1, so the first thing I'll do is port to libcurl.

So, please, just some more patience or cooperation :-)

b. - Jul 06 2006
Hi Bruce,

The project is only e few days old and is far from mature, not even close. I'm aware of this.
I invite you to contact me directly, and I'll try to help you out.
Or, you can post your question to the relevant mailinglist (see

Bram - Jul 05 2006
Additional remark:
I provided the ftplib rpm for convenience reasons. It was quickly generated from a debian-package with alien to help those users where libinstrudeo didn't compile.
It's source if fully available at - Jul 04 2006
Additional remark:
I provided the ftplib rpm for convenience reasons. It was quickly generated from a debian-package with alien to help those users where libinstrudeo didn't compile.
It's source if fully available at - Jul 04 2006
Thanks for the info, I'll look into it. - Jul 04 2006
Hi all,

I added two brief (good old written) FAQ-entries on the captorials website to solve your compile-issues:

Tommorrow, the video-production server will be delivered here and I guess there'll be a captorial ready by the weekend covering compilation of both packages. - Jul 04 2006
Can you elaborate on this please? - Jul 03 2006
The packages were built on/for Kubuntu Dapper. Currently, I don't have access to any other distributions.

Cyril Bosselut successfully compiled the sources (libinstrudeo and screenkast) on Mandriva 2006 though. According to his feedback, you need ftplib from and libdc1394 version 1.2.1 (I don't know where he got it from) to compile the sources.

I'll install OpenSUSE in a VMWare environment here and report back on this with some more details, but this info is for the impatient. ;-) - Jul 03 2006