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Jul 02 2006
Ok.... Sorry I had to try a few things.. Up till now I had no idea what kbfx was.. :p Thats what I meant by n00b... :) Anyway... Nope it ain't a kbfx button.... But if you want it get me an email addy I'll send you the image.. - Jul 05 2006
Sorry for the n00b question here, but if you're refering to the menubar @ the top? It's a modified SuperKaramba theme by me.. - Jul 02 2006
You're welcome and thanks for the nice comment.... I've been a member here for more then ayear and this is my first contrabution to :) - Jul 02 2006
Good enough? Or should it be bigger? - Jul 02 2006
Aero AIO

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May 17 2006
This is an awesome little widget.... Thanks for sharing it and thanks for the plugins sofar.. :) But how do I make a background theme? - Jun 27 2006
KDE Trash

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Jun 27 2007
You're my hero man!!!! I've been wanting this for ages.. :) Thanks.. - May 15 2006

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Feb 02 2006
Very nice... I like it. :) - Feb 03 2006

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Nov 28 2005
For some of us n00by's.... We understand it's a zipped file... If we extract it how do we make it work with the mods once again after were done?.... :blink: - Nov 25 2005
I have no idea why you guys are having a problem with it.. I thought it was a problem at first also.. But when you go to add a new TooDoo, You have tohighlight whats there and clear it. Then type in what you want.. Then it shows up.. I was one of the first ones to download this and I think it works flawlessly.... :) Great work!! Although I agree it's a bit big, sitting on the desktop.. :) - Nov 24 2005 Widget Theme

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Nov 21 2005
Hey.. That is cool!! - Nov 21 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 4 comments

by GCN
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Nov 20 2005
well I have been messing with other peoples work, but I honestly would like to do something on my own... but this stuff looks hard..... I've been with windows too long, I can't seem to get my out of the sand.. :P

Here is a link to my desktop: - Nov 21 2005
Wow.. thtas awesome man you're way ahead of me then.. :) I'd love to learn how to make a theme also... Is there any easy way to do it? I've looked through the steps at and ouch ... they look hard.. Hmmm - Nov 21 2005

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by p0z3r
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Mar 21 2006
Is there any way one can install this without using kde 3.4.2? I'm not having very good luck getting kde 3.4.2 back up..... :( - Sep 27 2005
My questionis... How do I modify an skz file? I know it's a n00b question.. :) - Sep 17 2005
Would someone please refresh me as to the correct command in konsole to get this installed? It ain't workin' for me.... :( - Sep 09 2005
xmms control (modified)

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by Edie
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Sep 16 2005
I'd love to get a hold of the trash bin...... :) Nice job anyway... - Sep 17 2005
Superkaramba 0.37-RC1 for Mandriva

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Aug 07 2005
I get an unsatisfied error... Whats up with that? - Aug 17 2005
Desktop Gmail

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Jul 31 2005
I just downloaded this.. There's nothing but the images in the .tar.. :( - Jul 27 2005
superkaramba 0.36 for Ubuntu

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by ste
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Jun 11 2005
Ok.. got the kubuntu up and running... What kinda command to install this .deb file? Sorry for the n00b questions here.. :) - Jun 19 2005
Ok.. If this is for KDE only desktops how is it for Ubuntu?.. Isn't Ubuntu GNOME?

Or am I missing something here? How do I change to KDE environment in Ubuntu?

Sorry for highjacking this... - Jun 17 2005
Total Monitor + GMail

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Jun 06 2005
Ok.. Sorry about me thinking they were mixed up.. I was wrong.. they are right... :)

About the Gmail.. I'm sure I have the right thing configured.. Do we need to do that in two diffirent lines? as ther are two places with that kinda thing... - Jun 07 2005
Yes it works fine with Mandrake 10.1 also.. Only part I can't get working is the Gmail... :)

Oh.. I think you have the Trans: & Recv: graphs mixed up.. :) - Jun 07 2005

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Sep 04 2008
Right on.... Got it working perfectly.. :) Thanks a million man!!

Excellent work!!! - May 31 2005
Well thanks for all the help.... I truly appretiate it.. :) But I lost.... :sigh: Life goes on... :) - May 22 2005
Someone please remove this post.... - May 18 2005
Ok... I did a search for the soundmania-2.0/images/ folder and it comes up nada.... This is my path to my soundmania theme,

file:/home/beginning/soundmania-1.10 Where is the soundmania-2.0/images/ folder located?..

As for the ImagMagick 6.2.2... When I downloaded and tried to install a .rpm for it, It said it was installed already.. Hmmmmm... Still in the dark.. :blink: - May 18 2005
Ok... I did a search for the soundmania-2.0/images/ folder and it comes up nada.... This is my path to my soundmania theme,

file:/home/beginning/soundmania-1.10 Where is the soundmania-2.0/images/ folder located?..

As for thee ImagMagick... When I downloaded and tried to install a .rpm for it, It said it was installed already.. Hmmmmm... Still in the dark.. :blink: - May 18 2005
What kind off settings should it have? I've enabled all the settings for that folder ... At least I've got checkmarks in evry place I can put one.. :)

Thanks for trying to iron this out for me.. I truly appretiate it.. Oh well if I just can't get to work I guess life will go on.. :) - May 17 2005
Nope... ID3 Tag shows all kinds of info... The title,the time remaining, scroolbar, buttons all work... No images.. :sigh: WTH... I'm still in the dark..... :( - May 15 2005
Ok.... Got it working on startup... But still no images.. I know the id3 tag is in order.... Where exactly is the albumphotos folder supposed to be located?... - May 14 2005
One question... Is the PyKDE needed to dysplay the covers? - May 14 2005
Ok... With this command in a konsole window it loaded on screen.. No picture but.. :) Here is what it cae up with..:

[beginning@555-555-555-555 soundmania-1.10]$ superkaramba soundmania.theme
superkaramba: TaskManager::TaskManager()
~/.albumcovers directory exists.

PyKDE cannot be loaded!

Possible reasons are:
- It is not installed
- PyKDE modules are not in the sys.path
- There was a problem with PyKDE installation.

If you want to use the non-PyKDE version of Soundmania please ignore this message.

Setting xmms for playback as read from configuration file.
Trying to Fetch the album cover from internet:
Album cover could not be retrieved - May 14 2005
Says soundmania.theme theme not found - May 14 2005
Wow... Thank you much.. :) OK.. I've got it installed now but still nothing.. Hmmmm - May 14 2005
Well.... Thanks for replying to my request so soon.. :) I don't think I've got xmmsctrl installed.. I'm completely lost when it comes to compiling this thing... If thats what I'm supposed to do.. I tried it in a console window ... It looked like it was trying to do something but it gave me some errors of some sort of thing... Is there an .rpm that will install it where it's supposedto be? :( :sigh: - May 13 2005
Hmmm.. I'm a total n00b with unix... Is there an easier way to get this working in mdk 10.1 KDE.. ? I can't seem to get this to work nohow.. I've been reading and reading.. No luck so far.. I'm using XMMS player... Any help would be great as I really like this theme.. It looks great!! Good job here .... - May 13 2005