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Benjamin Drung
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Aug 03 2009
Yes, Login Preferences Window does not exist on Ubuntu karmic. gdm was changed and made the configuration tool incompatible. Therefore it's gone in karmic and later. The theming of gdm was changed too. Therefore this gdm theme doesn't work in karmic and later. Here is a description how to theme gdm in karmic or later:

You probably want to install shiki-colors and gnome-colors, because gdm will use the theme selected for the gdm user.

We will remove the arc-colors package from lucid and move the wallpaper into shiki-colors.

And BTW, this theme is for gdm <= 2.20 and therefore for GNOME. It has nothing to do with Amiga. - Apr 11 2010

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Sep 25 2009
... and share your config theme file, if you created something cool looking. - Aug 31 2009
I am currently uploading 5.3-0~ppa2, which will have the branding enabled again. - Aug 04 2009
Yes, that's deliberate for the Debian package. For Debian you can have a look at the README.Debian file. There is described how you enable the branding. Unfortunately this does not work for Ubuntu (because they dropped the replacement mechanism). For karmic I have opened a bug report:

Should I re-enable the branding for the PPA packages? - Aug 04 2009
If you _release_ a modification, you have to license it under the GPL and share the sources, too. In this case the theme file with the color palatte is the source.

So can you please also release the theme file? If you like you can add your name and email address to this file as comment (e.g. line starts with #). - Jul 14 2009
The backup theme file (ex gnome-dark~) is probably created by your text editor and not by the makefile. I have now adjusted the makefile to ignore the backup files. - Jul 12 2009
To test, you can grab the package from my personal PPA: - Jul 11 2009
Version 4.3.1-0~ppa2 fixes the problem completely. - Jun 26 2009
I broke the PPA package with the last upload (4.3-0~ppa2). I will fix it with the next upload (probably tomorrow).

For all other: Do not upgrade to 4.3-0~ppa2. Instead wait for 4.3-0~ppa3! - Jun 25 2009

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by perfectska04

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Jun 25 2009