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Bob Bosak Mount Pleasant, United States of America
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Metacity Themes 3 comments

Score 47.5%
Jan 26 2015
Should be taken off as apparently does not exist! - Jan 27 2020
What is with this adfly garbage? Can I please have a download of this by normal means?? I never put people through a hassle to get my work and really did hope others do the same. Adfly is simply ignorant and would not deal with it if were the last place on earth. Be decent and put the download where everyone can get it without hassle, PLEASE! - Mar 30 2015
What is with this adfly garbage? Can I please have a download of this by normal means?? I never put people through a hassle to get my work and really did hope others do not do the same. Adfly is simply ignorant and would not deal with it if were the last place on earth. Be decent and put the download where everyone can get it without hassle, PLEASE! - Mar 30 2015
by rtl88
Score 89.1%
May 29 2020
Nice to see coloring! Finally can side with this, Am hoping to be back soon with my own again. Am also hoping you will take a look at last themes I produced as may help in reducing lines in gtk. Still I commend you as is quite a bit of effort you have taken here and hope no one will give any negativity to you, so you will continue your creativity. I know as last efforts I made took months. I just hope I can help> Once again great to see great works like this! - Jan 24 2020
Cyana-3D V2 and Cyana

GTK3 Themes 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 06 2017
First off, awesome to hear from you!!!! You bet I am going to get some cinnamon themes going real soon. My transparent ones are a mess right now. Those are in the works and I will also be making the regular visible with shading types. Just taking time to understand all these changes. I am also hoping to eliminate a lot of pictures there also. Even though I do not have loads of time, I plan on being more thorough then ever so I can get the best look possible. I always loved Cinnamon and have been on Mint before I started assembling my own. I will never forget where I started. I just appreciate I have come this far so I can make things better for everyone. Also hoping with your vast knowledge of xml metacity, that you might be able to send some links so I can get some more info to go with script only and loose the pictures. - Dec 07 2017
by n3bu
Score 63.3%
Jul 27 2017
Anyone who can write a metacity.xml, I give them 10 thumbs up. Now when you get it this small and decent, you deserve 10x the credit. Job well well done. Looks great! - Nov 25 2017
Score 69.0%
Aug 18 2019
Very nice use of colors, looks real nice on the flashback desktop. At first, I blew it and installed the older and of course noticed your theme had also fallen to Gnome3.20, but you regrouped and made this one look very very good. I am in the process of regrouping and hopefully, I will be uploading more soon. Least is awesome someone not focusing on white and moving more to other colors. As I said, with these graphics cards being so outstanding why should we make our desktops look cheap? Am very happy you saw past that and made this classy theme! Look forward to seeing more of your work. - Nov 08 2017

GTK3 Themes 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 07 2017
For an awesome comment like that, sure inspires me to keep working away! 4 years ago when I started building themes, I wanted to show everyone, there is a major difference between Linux and Windows. I honestly, do not look at any flat themes for more than an hour. Why? I had 10 years of looking at Windows and its bland look. I want something I can be proud of and enjoy. This theme is a start of all my olds ones coming back and of course all will have the raised looks they are known for. Gnome has changed drastically and I have not had the time to keep up with the change due to work. Well, now I know I must re-learn some new lines as to recreate all the themes. Even if there is only one person out there that enjoys my themes, it is well worth the time. Of course, I also have to fix all of them so I can easily update to future Ubuntu's. As of 17.04, all of my themes were trashed and do not function worth a plug nickel. So you better believe I am bummed for myself and everyone out there and will not rest until all are replaced and working as they should. So once again thanks very much as it keeps me inspired to get these all fixed for all devices, whether small or large. - Nov 08 2017

GTK3 Themes 5 comments

Score 59.1%
Jan 29 2015
Nothing is perfect and one can always figure ways to improve things. I will not stand in your way or complain if you want to make additions/changes and call it your own. Currently, I have no idea how to make Gnome3.14 work correctly and feel if my work can not display properly on it, will stick with versions 3.12 and under. I enjoy active windows working and thus far 3.14 shows no sign of all working. Even problems with Nemo and many other things. Hoping Gnome developers will someday fix these problems when next version comes out.

I put a question mark after strain on the eye, since I personally feel is the direct opposite of what you are claiming, but I also know everyone has their own opinion and respect that! Just figured would let you know that is the theme I use the most. Only time I use the others I make is when I make adjustments.

Have an oldie want to bring back so currently working on that one. Will also pay closer attention to see where those areas are you are having trouble seeing and will fix when time arises. If not good enough, as said please by all means feel free to fix it, rename it do what you like. I enjoy putting out a different style and would be honored if someone would work on this type of style as is not easy to do. - Mar 24 2015
Thank you very much for the compliment and am happy least can get these working right for 3.12 again. Really is great to get a compliment, but appears soon as I get one, rating goes down? Very amazing on here, especially when you see issues on high rated themes, makes me wonder? Will be back with more, soon as they are perfected. I am very picky how things need to look. Best wishes and your compliment means a great deal to me, since you are one of the greatest theme creators yourself!!! - Jan 31 2015
Sandera - My first gtk2 theme

GTK2 Themes 2 comments

Score 47.5%
Jul 31 2017
How about a regular download? I would like to try this one out, but I do not deal with parasites like adfly. Is there any other way to get this nice looking theme besides dealing with something so terrible??? Would like to add nice work, but without a download is hard to completely judge. Would appreciate a regular way to download if you can do that? - Mar 10 2015

GTK3 Themes 2 comments

Score 66.7%
Feb 10 2015
Thanks very much on that up vote. Makes all the time spent worth the effort. I admit am very flamboyant on coloring and can never seem to shy away from using three different colors on text or actions. Comes from enjoying seeing it happen on my own screen. As said, Not only do I make them I use them daily. This time around the Ambiance idea worked out. All other times never hit the mark correctly! Very happy you enjoy it.

For users of my themes, you will notice no more have been submitted. New design of Gnome3.14 will not support the main expressions of my art and I feel if I sucumb to their changes the whole meaning is lost and the looks become sickly. If a change comes about and Gnome returns to a more sensible and usable Flashback desktop as 3.12 and under were, better believe I will submit more. Til then am working on improvements to gtk-2.0 so my expressions will show properly on those type desktops. - Mar 06 2015

Gnome Shell Themes 2 comments

Score 41.4%
Nov 21 2014
The Word "increase" should be "decrease" as time booting to desktop is decreased along with logout and logins. This makes is quicker for those of us that require faster desktop switching.

Poor rating reflects those that can not except change and does not imply the working order of this theme. I personally challenge those that rate to try creating a similar theme! - Nov 22 2014
The Word "increase" should be "decrease" as time booting to desktop is decreased along with logout and logins. This makes is quicker for those of us that require faster desktop switching.

Poor rating reflects those that can not except change and does not imply the working order of this theme. I personally challenge those that rate to try creating a similar theme! - Nov 22 2014

GTK3 Themes 2 comments

Score 70.0%
Sep 30 2014
I would absolutely love to see it as ideas of such inspires for more improvements. I will honestly say, on Win7 I had a major problem with text coloring on the desktop. Text coloring would change back to default at will. I was also never able to produce any gradients and shading to make areas look raised. So, if you have a link for it or download, would really appreciate getting it! - Oct 06 2014
Sable & SableNC

GTK3 Themes 19 comments

Score 79.0%
Sep 10 2017
Once again you have come through with some great artwork on icons and everything involved. This theme surely is deserving of a higher rating than has been given. Love the highlight color and is well thought. Even if by chance someone does not install the theme is well worth the download to see how well thought and all the work that has gone into this theme. It takes great skill and know how to do this kind of work and I immediately knew it was yours, since you have always shown the greatest prowess here. Hope you never stop as is always awesome to see. - Sep 17 2014

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

Score 67.1%
Oct 05 2014
This is real artwork. Is a pleasure to see such great work and hope you will never stop. Takes a lot of time to get colors looking so rich and vibrant. Believe me, I tried many times with pngs, svgs, to get it to look even half this great! Absolutely love it - Sep 09 2014

Various Gnome Stuff 2 comments

Score 67.1%
Aug 17 2014
Have to hand to you people at Noobslab! When it comes to something that can be extremely useful, beneficial and make things look great you are right on top of it!

This is an absolute gem for those of us that want to get those ugly icons looking great! Also figured would give heads up for those downloading and installing. Remember to reboot after the install so will be in the menu. This is a more sophisticated program than many so have to give it that reboot time to be in the menu! WIll come up in the menu under Graphics.

I hope Noobslab never stops brilliance such as this! I have used countless suggestions, programs and themes to absolute perfection and constantly wish others will follow in such great things that are this dependable!!! - Jun 25 2014

GTK3 Themes 8 comments

Score 52.2%
Jun 15 2014
Not everyone is going to like every single theme out there! So just wake up to the fact, okay? How would you like some idiot making fun of your theme after you worked hard on it??? If I do not like a theme, I simply create my own or find another is the adult thing to do. The childish thing to do is what you are doing called "Bickering". Okay mate? - Jun 19 2014
Thanks very much! I am very appreciative that at least someone enjoys my themes! Of course what is even better, is you are also a great creator of themes, including metacity designs which are absolutely gorgeous and great work! I take your comments very seriously and the others are just ramblings of ignorant and unartistic lost souls! - Jun 16 2014
If ignorance is bliss, you are there my friend! Learn how to read, not looking for opinions only to fix for those that enjoy this style! - Jun 16 2014
I suggest you learn english as am not looking for opinions. I am looking to solve issues only! I keep wondering what it is going to take to get ignorant people as yourself to read the description and act as any normal adult would! - Jun 16 2014
Lubuntu Shadowplay v2

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

Score 67.1%
Jan 18 2014
Figures! Seems is always the small things that seem to trip me up! Have to give it a shot on this OS. Last OS I built had some trouble, so never figured any mistake was made on your part and always claimed I was at fault!
Your work with gradients and coloring is great and something any true artist will always look at and enjoy! I just hope you will stay this great always! Themes as yours is what are true treasures on gnome-look! - Jun 16 2014
I did do that, so am suspecting something is not quite right with my gtk in this OS I put together. I tried another gtk2.0 theme and worked just fine, so just figured would ask if compiz could effect it as I absolutely love the shadow concept!!! Am just hoping you will never stop creating such brilliance! Will figure some way to get it going. Have a few strange quirks with my OS. Maybe one day will build one to perfection, of course this OS is just not it yet! - Jan 21 2014
Saw the theme liked it, then I installed into themes and went to LXDE desktop and change to it and nothing happened. Also tried on XFCE and same! Does it have to run on plain metacity or can it function with compiz? Theme is well done! I can only assume is something I am doing wrong so if you have any advice would really appreciate it! Very curious on working with gtk2.0 so we all can enjoy! Appreciate the fact you are working hard with it to get great effects! - Jan 20 2014

GTK3 Themes 5 comments

Score 45.6%
May 25 2014
I figured since there was a misunderstanding, maybe an explanation should be in order. First will state, creating these themes takes a long time due to the amount of changing factors of color. I only work with text coloring that is not Black and White and this becomes very difficult. If you do not believe this, I dare you to try creating a theme this way!

Next, a problem is something that does not start out with "It is my opinion". I work very hard at these themes and want them working correctly so I always beg people to let me know real problems and not how they feel the theme should look! If you have a feeling on how my theme should look, you are free to download and change it! Afterall, I did make it very easy to do so, by not putting numbers anywhere but 3 files!

My aim has only ever been to create a different style of themes. I am very sorry if it offends the traditional theme users! Still, I also ask for just a little respect for my users and my own individual style! All themes I create are exactly as they are intended to look so please respect that as I do for everyone else's on here!

To rate a theme of this style so low is reprehensible and those responsible should be very ashamed of themselves! Theme is in working order and does more than many themes on here. It is also done out of great respect for the original author of Nissl-Adwaita-dark-4. I still want to thank that author for his great technique of coloring! - Jun 10 2014
So, basically you got the rating on this theme trashed since you dislike the text coloring, since it is not BLACK AND WHITE? I suppose you misunderstood the line where I am looking to fix any real issues and not looking for opinions! So, now your opinion stops some users from downloading and trying on these devices so I can get my answer! Thank you so kindly for that!

My opinion differs from yours and will be like that for everyone. No theme creator can see into someone's mind to know exactly how they want it to look! I respect other theme creator's artistic beliefs and only hope, they will also respect mine!

I am new at this technique I am using and want to know if the themes will work on smaller devices, not that you do not like how it looks, or something resembles your theme! Please have a heart and understand those facts so progress can be made, okay? - May 29 2014
Sorry, there was no explicit point you told of where the text can not be seen and would appreciate knowing that as most coloring is quite bright. Your gtkrc contains png's and in that way does not resemble my theme as mine is all done by script. Would absolutely love to hear how your theme would work on a smaller device! Is one thing you are forgetting to comment on! This theme is aimed at smaller devices! Please let me know what the response is and proper ways to fix! - May 28 2014

GTK3 Themes 2 comments

Score 55.0%
Jun 03 2014
Is awesome to get a nice comment, but even better when it comes from someone that has great intelligence and knows what he is creating! Is a shame this theme is now getting a lower rating and is most likely due to jealousy! Those that lack creativity seem to always cut down my themes! Those that have great creativity and do amazing things with their themes like you, seem to give me compliments! I really appreciate it and always look forward to all your great works! - Jun 04 2014

GTK3 Themes 2 comments

Score 62.0%
May 09 2014
Whether you use gtk-2.0 or gtk-3.0 this theme will work. Believe me, I use it on every gtk desktop I have which is all of them! So, it really is in the right category. Also, due to the construction is also possible to run this theme on smaller devices which it is also intended for! Many theme creators do not consider all desktops, but I want to along with whatever device you may be using! If you have a problem, please let me know! I honestly want to make sure this theme works for all the gtk desktops and any device! Just doing my very best to provide the most options I can. - May 20 2014
YlmfOs 2.0 -n GTK 3.10

GTK3 Themes 8 comments

Score 73.1%
Jun 24 2014
Art like this should never be forgotten!!! Thanks for bringing it back to life. YLMF OS 3.0 was so perfectly matched with XP, most would think they were using it, except that is was more dependable! I had the great pleasure of using YLMF OS 4.0 and was one of the greatest experiences for those of us that were new to Linux! So, have to really thank you for not forgetting what beautiful artwork that OS was comprised of and bringing this theme into being for those that did not have the chance to use that great OS! Is now called "StartOS" but I have never been able to download currrent version! Least, I can now have this great theme!!! - May 09 2014

GTK3 Themes 4 comments

Score 53.3%
Jan 23 2014
Last paragraph clearly states "Keep Poor Comments to yourself" Above person has not understood this point. I do not care if you absolutely hate the way the theme looks! I only care that it works! I have stated many times before "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!" Many themes on here, I feel are immensely ugly, but I still remember theme creation takes time, so I show my appreciation by not making "Poor Comments." Just because I do not like the looks it does not mean someone else does not thoroughly enjoys it! Please remember that fact as it applies to the way we all feel about every theme on Gnome-Look. Also remember the fact, you upset someone and they stop creating, it is a loss to the entire community! There are many people that enjoy my themes as do others that would be at a loss! Also remember, I state my looks are an alternative. I use text coloring something quite rare in themes. I do not believe in creating themes that look as if they were created in 1995! - Feb 20 2014
Is a shame you can not read either but we all have our faults! If you can do better do it! Also we are not talking about creating Windows crap look themes! For those that cut my themes down is a good chance they have no comprehension of art, nor do they understand how to create their own theme!!!! - Feb 20 2014
Old Glory

GTK3 Themes 3 comments

Score 45.6%
Feb 13 2014
Hmm must mean likewise for me!( I am Totally sober can test anywhere anytime!) Guess from what you are saying if we become creative it means we are addicted to drugs??? Most times drugs seem to cause a "lack of" when it comes to creativity! At any rate is never right to place any stigma of drug abuse on anyone's works! The mere reference to a non-existent name of "McDonald" following this post could simply imply the drug usage may be on your side. To me it appears you are hallucinating which is a clear sign of drug abuse! - Feb 17 2014
Those who have rated this theme so low should be ashamed of themselves. This is sheer brilliance and hard work to accomplish something like this! My personal rating is no less than 90% since this takes sheer dedication. Absolutely love it! - Feb 14 2014

Beryl/Emerald Themes 8 comments

Score 58.6%
Jan 26 2014
Sorry not replying right away, had some things going on! Put the theme in the folder, but damned if KDE can recognize that fact! Guess is most of the reason have stuck with Gnome, since KDE seems to fight me all the time! Was sure looking forward to your theme as would sure make that desktop livable! Any advice will be greatly appreciated as am getting tired of KDE beating me! - Jan 31 2014
Did not realize it did not have the .tar.gz at the end. Is fixed and will install, sorry to bother. I am forgetful at times!!! - Jan 29 2014
Got the change to finally download as have been a bit busy. When I go to extract the file, it does not happen. Really want to get his theme as need to understand KDE a bit more and all files available will help! So if you have any ideas why this is the only theme I can not extract would love to know. Love the theme and want to use it badly! - Jan 29 2014
Making themes as this for KDE is sure going to make me want to see KDE desktop more than I usually do! Great work is nice to see someone getting some great looks for KDE! - Jan 26 2014

GTK3 Themes 95 comments

Score 72.1%
May 05 2014
Great work, I can say I can definitely tolerate a grayish look provided it looks as great as this! Awesome to see someone else that likes to accentuate the roundness and does their very best for the 3-D effect! Nicely done, with class and style, points that are getting rare here!!!! - Jan 26 2014
Mint-XP (GTK3, GTK2 & metacity pack)

Cinnamon Themes 15 comments

by gmc85
Score 74.0%
Jan 26 2017
Thanks, really appreciate the answer! Will have to check into that as will help my wife as she is new to Linux! Nice work on everything! - Jan 23 2014
Am very curious how you did the second picture, as I really like that type of layout. I downloaded installed even set Controls and Window Borders to the theme but no luck! Still looks like the top picture! Very nice work on the layout change and would love to know how that is done! Coloring authentic, but the layout interests me much more as this is where the tough work is! I would really appreciate an answer to this as have tried to get an answer before, but apparently is some hoax as the other author never answered! - Jan 20 2014

GTK2 Themes 7 comments

Score 55.0%
Oct 29 2014
Is awesome to have someone that can actually master gtk2.0! You sir, have definitely mastered it! I love it! I feel terrible as I did download it days back but finally had the chance to try it today! I am a fool not to have tried it immediately!!! Absolutely stunning and beautiful! Thanks! Please, keep up this great work we all need great themes and awesome new ideas as this!!!! - Jan 20 2014
London Tower Bridge dark times

Bridges 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Jan 18 2014
This is one beautiful picture sure great for all of us that enjoy landscape pics on our computers! Thank you very much, love it! - Jan 19 2014

GTK3 Themes 7 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 11 2014
Thanks so much!!!! Is very awesome to have a nice comment once in a while! I know am no pro, but I do try my best to make themes good for all! I also enjoy it very much for going through large scripts, coloring worked very well for the purpose I needed it for so was happy to pass it on to all! - Jan 16 2014
Thank you! Likewise!!! I enjoy your work and originality very very much! Is very refreshing to have it back as I have missed it very much! Sorry, I did not mention that earlier, just got a bit flushed on a few things!!! - Jan 14 2014
I did not want to translate for users what was said on behalf of this individual.Below is the translation of my comment:

Very rude! If you do not like find another. That is posted in the description for all to read! Have respect as everyone on here makes themes for free and does not receive a penny! Also others may like this theme so if you can not respect what I say, then show some respect for others!

I may not deserve a high regard of respect, but I do beg for it, for all users of my themes! - Jan 12 2014
Очень грубый! Если вам не нравится найти другого. Это размещена в описании для всех, чтобы прочитать! Имейте уважение, как и все здесь делает темы бесплатно и не получает ни копейки! Также другие могут нравится эта тема, так что если вы не можете уважать то, что я говорю, то проявить уважение к другим! - Jan 12 2014

Cinnamon Themes 8 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 16 2014
Definitely my bad! Sorry I did not recognize your work is really sweet and better coloring! I am a real big fan of Cyan, if you have not noticed!!! Am very and I mean very sorry for have not seeing your work first! Is very nice and is the true original! So, I apologize deeply for my mistake on that! - Jan 16 2014

Beryl/Emerald Themes 3 comments

Score 62.5%
Jan 12 2014
Is awesome to see a fresh idea as so many here are getting quite rusty! My opinion is, it's very beautiful and if I am going to use it on KDE, least I will have total class, due to this theme!!! Love it! I hope you continue on this great path as is so refreshing and awesome to see true art! - Jan 13 2014