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Balazs Bela Satu Mare, Romania

Qt Tools by fdmarco3 7 comments

I use it every day, it helps me do nothing more efficiently. - Jan 07 2010

Utilities by codeaddict 3 comments

This looks a lot like qOrganizer and I see you used some of my code.

So is this like a fork of my project?

Not like that's a bad thing.

This must mean that my code wasn't so messy after all :)

Oh well, good luck. - Sep 05 2008
Kubuntu Theme for Sony Ericsson k810

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by trixon 2 comments

Now if someone did one for Nokia series 40, that would rule.
- May 24 2008
Christmas Tale

Wallpaper Other by VaeloStudio 2 comments

I love it ;)
Good work. - Dec 17 2007
Yahoo Avatars

Karamba & Superkaramba by sangrehirviendo 7 comments

This rules so much.
Thanks. - Dec 16 2007

Utilities by bbalazs 14 comments

Yeah because the binary was compiled using
qt 4.3.0, and you have a previous version, upgrade or download the source and compile it with the commands:


Thay should do it - Sep 19 2007

Education Apps by satchboogie 2 comments

Nice calculator.I like the design, one of my first apps was a calculator too, maybe not so nice as yours.
I found a bug though.
If you press backspace too much, deleting a the number, the app crashes, with:

ASSERT: "i >= 0" in file /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qstring.h, line 797
Aborted (core dumped)

You should add an if to avoid this.
Good luck!
- Sep 03 2007

Utilities by bbalazs 14 comments

The charset problem got fixed, it is implemented in CVS and will be featured in the next release.
- Aug 06 2007

Utilities by bbalazs 14 comments

What do you mean by non latin charmaps are unsupported ?

Predefined values are not a bad idea.
schedule != timetable

I know I should use custom delegates but it's in progress.

"empty strings in shedules table"
How should I know what the user does and when? :))

"no value bounds"
They exist where they are needed, in the settings dialog.

"tables with few meanless columns in full window's size"

Why meaningless ?
Since when are the days in a week meaningless?

You are right, the to-do list page looks kind of empty with only one table, but
I think I'll resize it.
(I'm using 1024x768 so it's not that obvious)

Ok I will include the pro file in the next release.

"i only see trayicon if i try to execute binary from your (not modified) code
(win32, qt4.3.0, gcc3.4.5)"
Have no idea why that should ever happen.
The systray icon is loaded from resource file.

"but it still unstable."
Stable != mature

"some functionality is broken."
Not really, everything that was said that works, works.
The fact that it doesn't work how you would like it to (or I) doesn't mean that it's broken.

I would need some tips about how to support non latin charmaps.
I will try to figure it out.

"i can not use it.
but you can :)"
It works fine for me, your right.

This project is still very young, I started it in June , it's under heavy development but I'm running out of time, features will come, I will brush it up, the next versions will be better.

I'm sorry if it's unusable for you be sure to check back later.

PS:Also planned to add the ability of disabling unwanted features (pages).

I will read some coding guidelines, and stuff like that and the code will be cleaned up a bit.
But now I really don't have time for that.

Thanks for your feedback. - Aug 03 2007

Utilities by bbalazs 14 comments - Aug 03 2007

Utilities by bbalazs 14 comments

You can read some thoughts about why this project exists and what is it's aim here: - Aug 02 2007

Utilities by bbalazs 14 comments

[-] Awful style of a writing of a code
Could happen, but I think it's more readable. I should have used a better naming convention though.

Would like to hear the reasons why you think the coding style is awful.

[-] ugly gui
[+] intuitively clear interface

How can these two not eliminate each other ?
You say it's ugly but don't say why.

[-] bad knowledge of qt (apparently from a code)

I'm a beginner, this is my first project.
If you know any way too simplify things that I complicated because my knowledge of Qt is not the best, I'm open to them.

[-] strange settings format
I only store the settings that are needed, and the config file was not designed to mess with if you don't know what you are doing. Besides there is a gui option for editing settings.

[-] where are the .pro file?
You generate the using qmake-project.

[-] binary file in source package - why?
For those who don't have qt sources installed and can't compile.

[-] unable to hide/restore mainwindow to/from tray
On windows, and I think I fixed that.
But I'm not sure what you are talking about. The tray works fine.

[+] nice iconset
Thanks, but it will be changed.

Your right I should have freed the memory for the splash screen when I'm not showing it anymore.

But the main win is fine, that feature works, I deliberately avoided adding it to main.Your code is simplified but it does not do any good for modularity.

At least you were the only one brave enough to give me some feedback.
I am grateful for that, also I appreciate that you showed me code.

Thanks for offer to translate but the interface will get changed a lot, features will be added and I already have someone who promised to translate the next version to Russian.

I would like to hear your opinion about features, design, what should be added, what should be more complex, more flexible.

Also I'm kind of surprised that you didn't criticize my simplistic file format (which I'm planning to rewrite using SQLite btw).

The project is still in early stages and is far from perfect, the feedback is needed to know is I'm on the right way.
It just got stable recently.

My code is not the most efficient I will clean it up some day, also as I progress newly added code is cleaner.

Thanks again, and I'm happy to hear from you.
- Aug 02 2007

Utilities by bbalazs 14 comments

We finally got from beta to stable and the new release comes with a lot of bug fixes and sweet features like language changing simplified and handled by the settings dialog.
The new release also brings a more flexible timetable and the ability to sort the to-do list.

Enjoy and give me plenty of feedback :) - Jul 30 2007
Kubuntu Béo

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by federicolox 1 comment

Nice, good work! thanks - Jul 12 2007

Utilities by bbalazs 14 comments

At the moment only Romanian and Hungarian translations are available, if you would like to translate the application to your language then please contact me. - Jun 26 2007

Video Apps by csgib 13 comments

I just fell in love with your interface.
So well done, and so cool.
It's just what I imagined for one of my projects, thanks for the code, I'll look over it for some inspiration :) - Jun 03 2007

Education Apps by michaltomlein 20 comments

This looks creative. Nice. Where did the idea come from ? :) - May 29 2007

Developers Apps by jlbrd 6 comments

This is great, I love it.
I think this will help me very much. - May 23 2007
JEY!style Icons

Full Icon Themes
by jackric

Aug 17 2009