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Zafiro icons

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Feb 01 2020
Missing application icons in GNOME 3.32 (Shell and Application themes under Adapta-Nokto-Eta, same in others, fallbacks to application or GNOME default icons): fedora release notes icon, GNS3, OpenJDK policy, IcedTea Web Configuration and Policy icons, IDLE3 (Python), LASH panel, Problem Reporting icon (abrt), PuTTY, Remote Viewer, TigerVNC Viewer, Sudoku icon. Other: Cisco ASDM icon (javaws launcher), chkrootkit.
NOTE: Zafiro is probably the best looking icon set I came across in a decade of Fedora usage and would very much like to see it available through official Fedora repositories. Currently using only Numix Circle Light due to more/less complete icon set (other more/less complete sets found in Papirus and La Capitaine). Looking forward to see Zafiro set growing to full extent (eg. Papirus level of completion). Will recommend it to others. I would just ask if it would be acceptable that the battery, wi-fi and other icons in gnome panel (top bar) to be clearer, possibly the same as in Numix CL in Adapta Nokto theme, everything else is very acceptable. Thanks - May 19 2019