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Leo Nikkilä

Wallpaper Other by Basicalyptic 2 comments

I created a black background with a big supernova. Then I distorted it with the IWarp tool and added a new layer with smaller supernovas. Then I applied around 20px blur to the both layers twice. To finish the colour I added a hue layer with different coloured radial gradients and lowered the opacity. To finish the glow I merged the layers and copied the final layer. I changed the mode of the upper layer to dodge and applied a 20px blur.

This is all I remember. Thanks for your comment. - May 29 2009
Kingston DataTraveler Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by dyonadi 9 comments

Thanks, I have two Kingston USB drives and now I finally have nice icons for them! - Jan 30 2009
LxG Mirror

Icon Sub-Sets by Iqk 21 comments

This is one of the best icon themes ever! Keep the wonderful work up! - Jan 29 2009
Energy Crush

Wallpaper Other by Basicalyptic 2 comments

I added a widescreen version of this to the 1600x1200 category. Since I didn't have the xcf file anymore, I had to resize it a bit, but the aspect ratio of the stuff is same though. Thanks for your comment and kind words! - Jan 23 2009
Blue Heron 1280x800

Wallpaper Other by Punkrockwarlord 2 comments

Can you do one with Kubuntu logo on it? That would be really cool. - Jul 01 2008
Go Study! (now multilanguage)

Wallpaper Other by MilesTeg 12 comments

Mitä sinä teet?
Mene opiskelemaan!

Good work with this wallpaper, very clean. - Jul 01 2008
Dark 'n Stylish

Beryl/Emerald Themes by Basicalyptic 4 comments

I'm glad you like it. :) - Oct 28 2007
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff
by Gentleman

Feb 03 2009
LxG Mirror

Icon Sub-Sets
by Iqk

Jan 29 2009