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Rudra Banerjee , India
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Icon Themes 26 comments

by Barud
Rating: 7.5
May 15 2019
Dear Freefreeno, since hicolor is added, can you please comment if this is working? - May 20 2019
Thanks a lot. It is updated and will be reflected in the next update. - May 07 2019
Unfortunaltly, I cant open imgbox due to my ISP provider. - Apr 25 2019
freefreeo: Thanks for your comment. The idea is you extract it directly in your .icons/dual folder. So, you save the step of mv/cp. - Apr 25 2019
Dear freefreeno, thanks a lot for your time. As I am not a KDE user, its tough for me to understand what is going on. Can you find some time to put a screenshot?
- Apr 11 2019
thanks a lot - Jun 27 2018
what is that? - May 22 2018

Icon Themes 119 comments

by Barud
Rating: 7.0
May 19 2019
Thanks a lot for your comment and upvote. Please also try Dual. Hope you will like that too. - Apr 12 2019
Thanks a lot. Please don't forget to upvote it. - Mar 06 2018
Hi, there is a python script inside the folder named ``. You can run the script and choose your colour. - Feb 14 2018
Thanks. I have updated the missing icon. (somehow, OD has added some weird number to it), but it should work. Kindly try and let me know. - Feb 09 2018
Hi, Thanks for pointing this to me. I will upload that very soon.
Also, can you tell me where KDE stores its icons? (this scans ~/.icons and /usr/share/icons). - Feb 09 2018
Hi, Thanks for your encouraging words. Please, can you post the corresponding .desktop file (preferably in github)? This is important because popcorntime is already themed. So there might be some mismatch in name. I will update the mixxx ASAP. Thanks - Oct 10 2017
Thanks a lot. please consider upvoting.
- Jun 26 2017
Hi, I have included 8 of your request in my weekly update. You would like to update. - Feb 13 2017
Hi, thanks for your comment. Can you please put it in github with the corresponding . desktop files? - Feb 04 2017
Hi, Thnaks for your comments. I have updated the "places" icons. Please check if that suits you better. - Nov 17 2016
Hi, dolphin and any Qt based app will have that problem. I am sorry. I will try to fix it, but fingers crossed.
- Aug 10 2016
armageddon51, the round places are inside scalable/ dirs. just do a `mv square_places places` - Aug 10 2016
Thanks for reminding me. I will put that in description. - May 19 2016
Thanks for your comment. May I request you a screenshot of what's going wrong, i.e. rough contour?
Also, if you have a github account, may you take some time to post the issue there? It's easier to handle.
Thanks for your time. - May 19 2016
Thanks a lot that you like it. Quodlibet is added. Please pull it. - Nov 24 2015
Thanks for you very encouraging comments. - Nov 14 2015
pushed. Please check. - Oct 20 2015
Icons are ready, but I have no idea how they are named. Can you give me the icon names? They will possibly be in /usr/share/applications/<app>.desktop
or in
You can send me the output of `grep Icon= <app>.desktop` where <app> is the proper file - Oct 20 2015
Hi...Thanks a lot.
I will update the icons you requested very soon,
But, ardour is already there. - Oct 19 2015
I have no clue why this is behaving like this.
Is the firefox icon shown properly in the applications/faviurite? Or is it missing from everywhere? Can you send a screenshot? - Oct 03 2015
This is not normal....thats for sure.
are you using some nightly built of firefox?
Or, can you tell me the output of

1. uname -r
2. grep Icon /usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop

in terminal? - Oct 03 2015
Happy to know you like it.
Thanks for sharing the solution. `inode-directory` is added to repo. - Oct 01 2015
Thanks. file also renamed - Sep 30 2015
Can you update using git, and let me know if it is ok now? - Sep 30 2015
Icons are pushed to repo. Please update and let me know if everything is fine - Sep 30 2015
icons are ready....but can you post the icon name for referencer? its not in hard for me to get the name.
You can find it in possibly /usr/share/applications/referencer.desktop - Sep 29 2015
Thanks a lot for voting up.
I will update those icons in next update....latest by this weekend...but possibly earlier - Sep 28 2015
I am not sure but for me, it looks like you set the icons for backup/bin etc manually sometime past.
Is this true? Otherwise I don't see any reason of getting this. Please let me know if you did changed them manually...else we need to dig them up - Sep 28 2015
I am sorry I did not got you. Can you kindly post a screenshot of which colors are mismatching? - Sep 28 2015
Its a great pleasure that you like the iconset.
The problem in putting the names of new icons in changelog is that I generally push ~100 icons. So the list will be too large.
If you miss any icon, kindly let me know. I will do my best to push them ASAP. - Aug 31 2015
Thanks a lot.
- Aug 30 2015
Thanks a lot. I will update it very this weekend. Please stay updated - Aug 15 2015
I will be very happy to theme the icons missing.
Can you kindly send me the icons that are missing in your installation? - Aug 08 2015
thunderbird is added in the new update (its not very appealing at the moment).
Thanks for your comment. Please comment on if you want any specific icons. - Aug 08 2015
May you try git? But anyway, wait for today as few status icons are also on its way. - Jun 28 2015
vlc added. But firefox is it is themed and working in my machine. Are you by any chance using beta or nightly? - Jun 27 2015
I am creating few icons (mostly gnome's default packages in fedora) that I will publish soon(1-2 week).
Lets see how far I can manage. - Jun 25 2015
I have plans for applications, but my first preference is to include more mimetypes.
Once that is reasonably complete, I will try to include applications - Jun 24 2015
Thanks for your encouraging words. - Jun 24 2015
Shadow-new icons request

Utilities 3 comments

by Barud
Rating: 5.3
Feb 09 2018
Hi, Thanks a lot for your missing icons. I see there are a lots of icons missing. I will update them step by step. I have already updated few of them and also KDE specific Folder icons. Kindly have a look.
Also, if you like this icon, please consider upvoting both this script and the icon theme. - Feb 10 2018
Dark Fedora GRUB Theme

GRUB Themes 4 comments

Rating: 5.0
Aug 11 2013
I tried your theme (in f20beta), and is not working! I got the same old grub after installing your theme. - Nov 15 2013