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Kevin Knerr St. Louis, United States of America
Ubuntu Maverick Logo

Cliparts by Ben2K 5 comments

In this case, maverick is an adjective, not a noun. And as a noun, it refers to a calf, not a full-grown longhorn.

Just FYI...

</me grumbles> Besides, I still think "Manic Marmot" was a better mascot suggestion... - Jun 13 2010
Kickstart 1.2

Metacity Themes by mi-cha 8 comments

At one time I owned the A1000, A500, and A2000.

I put together a quick and dirty index.theme to combine your GTK and metacity themes. It also takes care of the button arrangement so you don't have to mess with gconf.

<-- Begin index.theme -->
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Amiga Kickstart 1.2 theme

<-- End index.theme -->

Naturally, we need to replace the icon set, but the rest works beautifully.

I haven't tried the Topaz font yet only because I'm using UTF8 and its readme strongly suggests ISO-8859-1/15. - May 04 2010
Various Linux Distro Stickers

Cliparts by chiche 5 comments

I appreciate you providing the SVG. However, the SVG doesn't match your preview when I open it in Inkscape.

Specifically, "ubuntu" is in the wrong font and far too large (although kubuntu and xubuntu are fine). Also, for each one, the "Powered by" text overlaps the border.

I don't know if this is a problem with the SVG, or rendering differences between Inkscape and whatever you used. It could even be a configuration difference between your system and mine.

It might be nice to export the individual stickers to PNGs and provide them as an archive.

Oh--and 1 vote for adding Slackware to the mix. :D - Oct 14 2009