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Barkhat H
Space-Sunrise Plymouth Splash

Plymouth Themes 19 comments

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Jun 17 2011
Well, thanks for adding "the fix." Assuming is installed the same way you install the .tar file, it did not work for me, unfortunately. Still have black and white when it comes up. Oh,'s certainly nice in theory. Is there a way to return to the original I had before trying this splash? - Sep 07 2010
Well...sort of working. It does come up but it's all kind of black and white. I tried to follow the information on the link you provided but I'm too much a newbie to really understand what to do. - Sep 06 2010
Scratch that comment. I was able to get it using Firefox (instead of Google Chrome). For some reason Chrome was shooting past the link page straight to the ads. Thanks! - Sep 06 2010
I can't seem to get the .tar file. When I click the download link (either of 3 on the page) all I get are advertising pages for various products. Is there another link I can use (the .deb isn't working for me, either). - Sep 06 2010

GTK2 Themes 224 comments

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Apr 08 2008
This is very beautiful. Thank you for your work! - May 04 2009