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Angelo Babudro New Glasgow, Canada

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Nov 01 2005
That looks nice. :-)

What is the weather app shown? And also the status windows on the right side, what is that? They look handy and I like the transparency. - Nov 04 2005
Euro tits

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Aug 29 2005
I agree, of course this is porn - the title makes that abundantly clear. And it upsets me to see KDE-Look being polluted with this kind of dung.

WordNet: porn (n): creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire.

It is creative but has no literary nor artistic value. Shoe fits. There are a zillion other porn sites which merrily cater to immorality - go look at them and leave KDE for the people with higher standards, please. - Oct 28 2005
Vancouver at Night

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May 20 2005
I might have posted it on iStockPhoto, but I don't this so. I'm quite sure this is the first I've shown this one publicly. - May 21 2005