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Jon Hawkins , United Kingdom
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Jul 23 2006
Humm... but there's no bar! Can't be Heaven!
Apart from that, Very nice work !
Me likes....:)
- Jul 23 2006
Satan Saves

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Jan 06 2006
FFs, blow it out your ass, it was just a gag.....some people ! - Jul 23 2006
Please, The Christians seems to have religious freedom in this site, please respect my religion :p - Jan 06 2006

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Jan 03 2006
.. - Jan 06 2006
Life is a Dash...

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Dec 12 2003
Read this, and/or use google to search for "evils of Christianity"


Let just see what Tim the Baptist has to say on this......ahh, fuck it, who cares ! - Jan 06 2006
This is exactly what these Christian Freeks want...a debate on Christianity, as the old saying goes "whats wrong with two Jews arguing about the Torah? nothing! just as long as there talking about the Torah"

Votes there stupid shit down, and ignore them, don't waste your time replying to there rubbish and adding significance to it.

I personally think there problem is simply psychological, If anyone is moderating this site, they sure would be all too correct in removing all this Christian bullshit, it's simply sick !

Again, IGNORE THE ASSHOLES! - Jan 06 2006