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Moustafa Chamli Montreal, Canada
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Soundwave Studio xsplash

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Jan 26 2010
Turns out it wasn't as easy to tweak as I thought. Good thing there are plugins for the GIMP.

It's fixed now. :) - Jan 26 2010
Updated! Enjoy! - Jan 26 2010
That's weird, it doesn't show on my screen. Bah, it's easy to tweak.

By the by, thanks for your original design, it was exactly what I was looking for. :) - Jan 25 2010
Heliocentric - Usplash Karmic & Jaunty

Usplash Themes 10 comments

by Spox5
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Nov 14 2009
Whoa, I really made a big typo there. Didn't realize it until now.

It's not a matter of doing my homework, it's more a matter of paying attention to what I'm typing. - Dec 26 2009
Sorry, forgot to mention the OS.

It's Ubuntu 9.10. Resolution set at 1680x1050.

Didn't try compiling it though, I will later on. - Apr 30 2009
Sorry, it's not working for me. I installed it, and when I try the commmand it shows something that resembles the old tv test screens with the indian in the middle. - Apr 29 2009
by Whise
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Aug 29 2011
In your Home folder, press Ctrl+H to unhide the hidden files and folders. Look for GnoMenuSettings.xml. Then look for the lines that read:
# Win key activation
<SuperL Enabled="1"/>

and change the "1" to "0".

Save the file and restarte GnoMenu (which you can trigger by going to GnoMenu's preferences and clicking on the Ok button). - Nov 21 2008
It's a matter of taste and choice, which is in the spirit of Free Software.

It's hard to remember sometimes, but we're better off being pro-Free Software than anti-Microsoft. - Nov 18 2008
I installed GnoMenu on my girlfriend's laptop, and it doesn't appear in the Add to Menu selection.

In case it may help determine the problem: It's a fresh install in which I had transferred her home folder from our PC into the laptop, and it's localized in french. - Nov 15 2008
Vista Start Menu for Gnome Panel

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Nov 23 2008
Ok, I tested it out with a third account, and it's cleared. I think that the hidden menuiconcache.xml file could have been the cause of the issue. I can't confirm it since I deleted the account and started from scratch, but maybe the file was corrupted somehow.

As for the log out issue, it still persists, and it does that on most PCs I installed the menu on. Any idea what could cause this? - Sep 14 2008
The terminal didn't print anything on the account with the missing icons.

The terminal would print this with the other account:
Warning: Name location identifier not recognised from: <Name Id="Enabled" Loc="DesktopIntegrationTable" Text="Enabled"/>
Warning: Name location identifier not recognised from: <Name Id="Disabled" Loc="DesktopIntegrationTable" Text="Disabled"/>
/usr/lib/vistamenu/ Warning: IA__g_object_set_property: object class `GtkCellRendererPixbuf' has no property named `image'
Saving Icon Cache...
XDG: Icon cache successfully written to user's home directory

As for the menu disappearing when I log out, I noticed it did that on a number of computers. I can't pinpoint why exactly, but the system monitor would show that /usr/bin/Vista_ is indeed running when it isn't. The best workaround I found is to remove the menu, log out and log back in, then re-install it.

I'll try adding a third account to test it out, see if anything went wrong somewhere. - Sep 10 2008
I'm using Ubuntu 8.04.1

I already had tried removing the .deb file using the --purge option, and deleted the hidden configuration file, and re-installing it with the other file. The strange thing is that the icons are missing on one user account, but not the other.

As for it disappearing when I log out and back in, I was hoping that 1.08_2 would have corrected that issue, but it appears I'm the only one who had this problem. - Sep 09 2008
For some reason while I was editing my GTK icon theme, the Vista menu's main icons simply went missing. I have no idea how it happened, but it's a pretty ugly bug.

Also, if I log out of the session, and come back in, the menu doesn't show up in the tray. I can't even completely stop it from the System Monitor, and it requires me to restart the PC for it to work again. - Sep 08 2008

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

by Daggo
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Mar 25 2008
Seriously, do we GNU/Linux users have to fight each other as well as deal with Windows and Mac users who think Linux is nothing but a joke?

Ubuntu is helping a lot of people go from Windows to Linux with little hassle, and is showing everyone what a great experience can be had with free software. So why the Ubuntu bashing? - Mar 26 2008
UbuntuStudio Flyer

Wallpapers Ubuntu 5 comments

by Toma-
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Nov 25 2007
Love it! I hope it's the default wallpaper for Hardy! - Mar 09 2008
Usplash theme Ubuntu Studio

Usplash Themes 3 comments

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Oct 17 2007
I want use the theme, but for some reason, it won't appear.

I'm using the Start Up Manager app to install it, and it seems to be fine, but it just never pops up. - Nov 06 2007