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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 285 comments

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Mar 04 2012
I understand, and it's not big deal for me. People, I included, usually want to have the date formatted in a most familiar way.
config entry is an exellent solution. Thanks. - Sep 04 2011
Just noticed, that date formatting doesn't obey local but is apparently always formatted yyyy-mm-dd.
here in Northern Europe correct formtting would be - Sep 04 2011
Nice one.

i would like to set dynamic mode to appear at screen edges too, not just corners. - Aug 09 2011

Full Icon Themes 52 comments

by C0D
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Mar 14 2014

Thanks for the offer, but I got it to work. (I didn't give up after all :))

First problem was with rename. Debian-based distros use prename when rename is called, and other distros hve somewhat diffrent approach. Usage is rename foo bar filename when on debian it's rename 's/foo/bar/' filename.

ok, this was easy to solve after I realised what the problem was.

Next problem was that for some reason gunzip left file extensions out. Thus rest of the script did nothing. The easyest solution I could find was add

for iconfile in */*;
mv "$iconfile" "$iconfile".svg;

in the script.

Now it worked.

the end of the script is now:

cd scalable
rename .svgz .z */*.svgz
for iconfile in `ls */*.z`
gunzip $iconfile

for iconfile in */*;
mv "$iconfile" "$iconfile".svg;

perl -pi -e "s/#d3cdc5/#${newcolor}/gi" */*.svg
gzip -S z */*.svg

That rename problem is systematic difference between distroes. But what's with the gunzip problem is beyond my knowledge, and I actually don't care. :)
- Sep 24 2010
Got the rename to work, but color doesn't change and resulting files lack the .svgz -ending.

I give up. - Sep 23 2010
Oh, it's propably me.
Can't get the rename-command to work at all...
bummer - Sep 23 2010
Hi again :)

Unfortunately I can't get the colorizer to work. All it does is copy the folder with new name, and print this:

ls: cannot access */*.z: No such file or directory
Can't open */*.svg: No such file or directory.
gzip: */*.svg: No such file or directory
- Sep 23 2010
I tried to make this myself, and found adding the glow quite easy. But as you said, KDE doesn't understand filters, so glow doesn't show.

Saving icons as images would solve the problem, but that's something I don't want to do, and I do believe that you don't either.

Thanks. - Sep 07 2010
Oh, it's only graphic effect that has to be manually added, unfortunately. It is small, dark outline, that fades away.
If you open the picture I linked previosly, and scroll down to the notification area, you can see what I mean by "glow"
I don't know if there is, or could be made, a script to do it.

I understand, if you cant find time or intrest to do this, it was only an idea. Unfortunately I know nothing about vector craphics, but I could always learn...

By the way, I forgot to mention, this iconset of yours looks exellent. - Sep 06 2010
I think that golw would bee way more "chic" than black or coloured versions.
icons with glow work both dark and light themes since the glow is virtually unvisible with dark themes.

If tou don't use kde4.5, check out the new notification area icons for example from: - Sep 06 2010
It should be easy to make these work with light themes too. All that you need to do is add small dark "glow".
Just like those new KDE4.5 monochrome notification area icons. - Sep 05 2010
Fancy Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 570 comments

by Emdek
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Jun 10 2012

Updated to Qt 4.5
Fancy tasks works fine now.
Not shure if kde4.2 with Qt4.5 is as stable as with qt4.4 in OpenSuse (Opensuse recommnends using qt44 with kde4.2)

If qt 4.5 is not usable, I'll try the script fix you provided.
But for now i'll try to stick with qt45.

Thanks a lot. - Jun 09 2009
Oh, forgot:
Opensuse 11.1
KDE 4.2.3
Qt 4.4.3 - Jun 08 2009

I think that this plasmoid is what I've been looking for, but for me it crashes the Plasma. Most of the times it crashes when I close an application Started from fancytasks launcher. Sometimes it crashes when I try to add a launcher or when i click a launcher.

Same occurs with plasmoidviewer.

backtraces: (plasma crash) (plasmoidviewer crash)
- Jun 08 2009

Plasma Themes
by pmarki

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9   Jan 29 2011
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9   Jan 29 2011