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Francesco Felicetti , Italy
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Jun 17 2014
I forgot to say, in this example the folder name is mimetypes: home/my_home/mimetypes.
Change 'mimetypes' with the name of the folder you are editing, for ex. places... - Nov 28 2015
The files, you must be superutent to edit, are in the folders scalable and real_icons:


I found a terminal command to edit multiple files at once.
So for ex. if you want replace #0000FF with #FF0000, do this easy procedure:
put in your home directory(home/my_home) the folder containing the icon files in .svg format, for ex. the folder
named places, not folders with subfolders.
Now, to change the word #0000FF with #FF0000 in it, and than the colors of your icons, run in terminal(change "my_home" with your home name):

find /home/my_home/mimetypes -name \*.svg -exec sed -i "s/#0000FF/#FF0000/g" {} \; - Nov 21 2015
Could i know from my detractors what's wrong?
How i said this is a simple variation of an old theme, a little more... - Jun 18 2014

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