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Avuton Avuton Olrich

Various KDE Stuff 5 comments

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Jan 10 2008
Didn't realize this uses mpc which uses the MPD_HOST; any plans on using libmpdclient in this? - Jan 11 2008
Please add an option to direct calls to MPD_HOST/MPD_PORT. I'd love to use this, but my MPD is on a remote host.

Thanks! - Jan 11 2008
rewritten webarchiver plugin

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 17 comments

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Feb 25 2008
One thing I find really annoying is webpages that have a shrunken picture and when the picture is clicked on it uses java magic to popup a window with a larger picture in it. This isn't saved by the web archiver, is there any way to get support for this? - May 31 2006
Kerry ebuild for Gentoo

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 7 comments

by lefou
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Apr 08 2006
The beagle dependency requires '>=app-misc/beagle-0.2'

Also, you should probably put ~amd64 in there as it's a pretty prominent arch nowadays. - Feb 24 2006

Security 26 comments

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Mar 15 2008
Actually, better yet, what does it do better than pwmanager? - Sep 10 2005

Developers Apps 52 comments

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Jul 11 2008
I wish there was better logging(?) maybe I'm missing it but I just built a while ago, meant to write down the compilation failures and now I can't find them (without digging). Perhaps I've missed where it's at? - Jul 27 2005