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Aliaksandr Stelmachonak NYC, United States of America
Firefox addon for kwallet KDE4

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Oct 17 2014
U r welcome! Thank you for the great extension! - Jul 04 2014
Answering my own question :) After some investigation I found reason of my issue: in case of empty username, addon sends to thunderbird null as a username, while thunderbird expecting empty string. Here is simple patch that solves the problem:
Would be great if you include this in upstream.
- Jul 03 2014

Thanks for the great extension - I am using it along with Thunderbird (v24.6.0 on Arch Linux).
Saving password to wallet works fine for me for imap and smtp, but I am experiencing issue with ldap credentials (I am using ldap to access corporate address book on Exchange server). When I am performing look-up in address book, Thunderbird asks for a password, and saves it after entering to the kwallet. But after I reopen Thunderbird, it keeps asking me for a password, even if it exists in the wallet (and visible through Thunderbird passwords window). If I disable kwallet integration, password saving works find and I am not getting re-prompts after saving the password for a first time.
I believe the issue is related to a specifics of ldap entry - it doesn't contain username - only password, so the entry in wallet looks like this:


but all other are starting with user name. So, if you have an idea why it is not working, please let me know - I will help with troubleshooting this issue. Thanks in advance! Let me know if you need more details. - Jul 01 2014
KDE CDEmu Manager

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Nov 24 2017
It should work I suppose, there were no major changes in cdemu since 2.0 - Sep 29 2013
Here is patch to make client work with cdemu v2.0: - Dec 29 2012

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May 05 2012
How is it possible, that GUI is not fits 1024x768 screen? A lot of laptops still have less then 1000 pixels in vertical dimension, but currently on such screens your app is almost unusable... - Aug 05 2012

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by frag
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Jan 25 2014
PKGBUILD for Arch Linux: - Jul 07 2012

Full Icon Themes
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May 11 2013
Firefox addon for kwallet KDE4

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by gmolina

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9   Jul 04 2014