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Maciej BliziƄski Warsaw, Poland

Wallpaper Other by Slack 4 comments

Was it very early in the morning? - Aug 14 2005

Wallpaper Other by ak65535 2 comments

Can you make your signatures at the bottom less "striking"? It's a very nice wallpaper, but the signature destroys this nice feeling. Maybe you can try to make the signature be a part of the photo, use colors from the photo. - Aug 14 2005
Hunter's view

Wallpaper Other by ak65535 3 comments

The center is slightly out of focus and is unconfortable to look at. As for the photos, it's best to have things either sharp or totally blurred. - Aug 14 2005
Gnome Landscape

Wallpapers Gnome by intertramp 1 comment

Add more gradients! :-) - Aug 13 2005