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Franck Alcidi

GTK3 Themes by tcl 29 comments

Hi again. Thanks for the update (0.17.0) but the menu separator has made the theme worse imho. It doesn't blend in well so I reverted back to 0.16.10. The separator wasn't necessary :-)

Hope you don't mind the slight critiscim and my 2c worth. Other than that this is by far my favourite theme now with e17 ;-)
- Feb 02 2013

GTK3 Themes by tcl 29 comments

OK since my last post this theme works across all apps. Keep up the good work. - Jan 23 2013

GTK3 Themes by tcl 29 comments

When I use this theme only some apps seem to take on the theme. Gnome calculator works but x-chat doesn't. Very strange! :-) - Jan 04 2013
awesome work indeed. Thanks for sharing this!! - Apr 21 2011
Modified to my taste

Gnome Screenshots by Ausmosis 2 comments

Hi there!

The wallpaper came from Vlad:

He has amazing wallpapers and because they are all created in photoshop by hand I decided to subscribe to his web site. I felt he deserved a bit of cash for all his efforts. He's an amazing artist.

Ausmosis - Oct 09 2009

Various Gnome Stuff by boemianrapsodi 24 comments

Works great on Hardy now. Thank you! :-) - Apr 13 2009

ianimal explains how to change the colours on the first comments page.

I have changed mine to white bars with orange peaks. I also changed the size of the spectrum bars from 16 to 8. You can see my screenshot here if this helps:
- Apr 13 2009
Great work! - Apr 12 2009

Various Gnome Stuff by boemianrapsodi 24 comments

Didn't install for me as Ubuntu (Hardy) also seems to be missing gnome-applet-python.... Had a look at synaptic and couldn't find it to download either. - Apr 10 2009
Gimp Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by downdiagonal 6 comments

You guys are kidding me right?.... Sorry but the GIMP name and it's mascot Wilbur are synonymous to GIMP and I happen to adore them both. I doubt they will be changed too soon just because a few people dislike them.

To each their own I guess ;-)

PS: The paint palette icon is ok but GIMP isn't a paint application. It's far far more than that!... Hence your interpretation of GIMP is obviously different to mine. - Dec 02 2008

GTK2 Themes by LordNikon86 4 comments

Leave it as is. I happen to like the white. This is a very good theme particularly given it's your first one. - Nov 30 2008
Gnu Vs Bill GDM Theme

GDM Themes by deanet 3 comments

That picture looks familiar! I drew that years ago and it was in an issue of linux gazette :-) - Jun 04 2008
Gartoon Redux

Full Icon Themes by Tweenk 94 comments

These are simply the best icons I have come across. I loved Gartoon and now with the redux version they are even better!

What would be nice though would be to have a generic chat client icon for Emesene or aMSN perhaps? - May 10 2008
Alien and Chameleon

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 3 comments

Your wallpapers are simply stunning and well worth paying for (which I did). Your attention to detail and amazing colours are simply the best I have seen in a very long time.

Well done!

Ausmosis - May 07 2008
Milky Smooth

GTK2 Themes by NikolaP 14 comments

Here is a theme that just screams the "wow" factor. One of the best themes I have seen for a while. - Feb 23 2005
Apr 12 2009

GTK3 Themes
by tcl

9   Feb 02 2013