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Gnome Media Panel Icons

Various Gnome Stuff by audax321 12 comments

I don't have xmms installed, but you might want to try audacious. It works fine with the command line controls and is basically an updated xmms in terms of interface and all that. It also has a play-pause toggle command that makes more sense for use with the play button. The command line options for XMMS I came across on Google are:

-h, --help Display this text and exit.
-n, --session Select XMMS session (Default: 0)
-r, --rew Skip backwards in playlist
-p, --play Start playing current playlist
-u, --pause Pause current song
-s, --stop Stop current song
-f, --fwd Skip forward in playlist
-e, --enqueue Add file to current playlist
-m, --show-main-window Show the main window
-v, --version Print version number and exit.-h, --help Display this text and exit.

So I think the -b option might be wrong, unless I got the options for an older version or something. - Apr 04 2008
Gnome Media Panel Icons

Various Gnome Stuff by audax321 12 comments

I couldn't tell you because I don't use Amarok, but I think it is controlled using something called DCOP in KDE. The commands I came across using Google are:

dcop amarok player playPause

dcop amarok player prev

dcop amarok player next

So, hopefully those will work out for you. There are a bunch of other commands for Amarok as well, like showOSD, stop, volumeUp, volumeDown, mute, etc. Sorry for the delayed response, you probably already figured this out hehe. - Dec 31 2007
Gnome Media Panel Icons

Various Gnome Stuff by audax321 12 comments

The buttons don't control the terminal popping up that has to do with how you formatted the command in the launch button. For example in Gnome, if you did this: gnome-terminal -x "command" then a terminal would pop up and run the command. If you just put the command portion in it should just run it in the background. I don't use KDE so I may be wrong, but if you use KDE check to see you haven't checked a box that says run in terminal or console or something like that inside the launcher's properties. Hope that helps. - Dec 31 2007
Gnome Media Panel Icons

Various Gnome Stuff by audax321 12 comments

I don't use rhythmbox, but try opening up terminal and putting in:

rhythmbox-client --help

These commands should work:

rhythmbox-client --previous
rhythmbox-client --play-pause
rhythmbox-client --next - Aug 04 2007
Relaxing inspirat splash screen

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by wuf 8 comments

I like this, but do you think you could release another one with the transparent Gnome Desktop logo moved to the right of the foot so they don't overlap? I think it'd look a bit cleaner and balanced. Thanks for making this. :) - Apr 09 2006
second hand icons

Icon Sub-Sets by caminoix 6 comments

Hah, who cares if they look like "windows" icons. Just because one OS has a similar set, doesn't mean Linux can't too. They're nice and different! I hope you continue with them. I look forward to seeing the completed set. :) - Apr 06 2006
ride or die

Wallpaper Other by anybmx 3 comments

Nice, wallpaper, but do you think you could upload one without the text? My bottom panel covers half of it up. - Mar 25 2006
Gnome start button

Various Gnome Stuff by Cyr4x 10 comments

Yeah, its not always:

For me it was:
for a newly added main menu.

I guess the easiest way is to remove the main menu you have now, readd it and then looks for the highest number or just go through them until you see the one that has the following keys:
object_type: menu-object
tooltip: Main Menu - Mar 25 2006

GTK2 Themes by twigsby 74 comments

Not sure if this applies to your distro, but the basic steps for Ubuntu are here:

The tutorial is for Windows fonts, but just substitute the other fonts in. Also its installing the fonts as root.. I find it easier to just throw them in /home/user/.fonts and then rebuild the font cache: sudo fc-cache -f -v - Feb 13 2006

Wallpaper Other by uglyaskde 4 comments

Interesting wallpaper, but why piss on KDE? I think both Gnome and KDE have their place, just depends on what the user likes. And as long as people are adopting Linux, the more the merrier. Choice is the main reason Linux > Windows! I use both KDE and Gnome and it seems they both copy off of each other at one time or another... so its a prime example of competition breeding innovation... (Microsoft thinks everything it thinks up or copies is innovative).

How about: Turn your back on Microsoft, Use Linux, Piss on Mac (which, if it had a large enough user base, would probably turn into a M$-like corporation). - Jan 08 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 76 comments

Nice icon theme, but for some reason its not inheriting from NuoveXT-1.5. I have the themes installed under the .icons folder in $HOME. In order to get the NuoveXT-1.5 icons to show up I had to make a copy of the NuoveXT-1.5 theme overwrite some of the contents with the Vista-Inspirate theme and then use it. Any ideas why its not inheriting? - Dec 10 2005
Glass Icons Theme

Icon Sub-Sets by fosstux 165 comments

I really like your theme, but could you edit the text on the FTP/NFS icon and make an SSH icon (gnome-fs-ssh.svg) as well.

Thanks! - Dec 03 2005