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Ciro Carbone
Analog VUmeter Skin 's

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Feb 27 2010
Ok, ok I didn't understud :-)

Skins are downloadable from links that you have noticed in your post (example for Expensive Hi-Fi

Problem solved!

Thanks a lot! - Mar 16 2007
Thank you for reply.

VUmeters plugin is ok and works well! I've complided VUMeter plugins and activate it. Very awesome!!! My prob., instead, is about xmms panel skins. All traditional skins work but not Almond or Digiblue or Expensive HiFi skins... - Mar 16 2007
I don't succeed change my skin :-(
I put extracted skin file in skin dir of XMMS, then I try to change skin in xmms (Alt-S>select new skin) but the skin doesn't change. The only skin changeable is default debian skin
XMMS ver. is 1.2.10 - Mar 15 2007