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GTK3 Themes 12 comments

Score 75.3%
Oct 18 2011
Of course, you can tweak it even further from there but the key is using gtk:fg instead of gtk:bg/something so it becomes light on dark windows. Hope this helps. - Oct 16 2011
Looking good, definitely an improvement (although I think I'm starting to like the default metacity buttons, oh well...)

To fix the window title in dark windows (totem, eog) change

title color="shade/gtk:bg[NORMAL]/0.40"


title color="gtk:fg[NORMAL]"

(Line 131 - Oct 16 2011
Elegant blanco y negro

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

Score 65.6%
Jan 10 2011
Excuse me but how many of those are you going to upload? - Jan 10 2011
Smaragd (Emerald for KDE)

Various Plasma Theming 131 comments

Score 84.4%
Jul 31 2017
This + Beshadowed = win.
Thank you very much, I really mean it. - Oct 25 2010
Language Flags for Faenza and Elementary

Full Icon Themes 21 comments

Score 76.3%
Nov 04 2010
Thanks for those. Maybe if they were a tiny bit smaller (like the message envelope) I'd like them even more. Still great tho ;) - Oct 16 2010
A New Start

GTK3 Themes 90 comments

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Dec 09 2011
Really dig the theme :) Are you going to release the covergloobus theme? - Aug 14 2010

Full Icon Themes 595 comments

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Sep 05 2017
Indeed, creating a link to the original and naming it "opera-browser" fixes it.

Ubuntu Lucid, Opera 10.61. - Jul 30 2010
I think the Opera icon should be "opera-browser" to work properly with Opera 10.60+

Can I requesst icons for Skype and Pidgin if it's not too much? Thanks :) - Jul 30 2010
Windows 7 with a touch of Mac OSX

Beryl/Emerald Themes 4 comments

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Jul 29 2010
Well I've had them on the left side and
in the "mac" order for the last year and
a half or so and I really like them that
way, but it's only a matter of taste.
Some people hate them there (my girlfriend
always has problems with them). I also know
people who have them in the middle so
don't worry :D

Not a big win7 fan but I voted up to compensate
for some douche that voted down without
saying anything.

Cheers - Jul 29 2010
...on a Mac are also in different order (close min max). - Jul 29 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 43 comments

Score 58.0%
Jul 13 2010
Experience has taught us all that ignoring a moron is the best way to get rid of him. Unfortunately, telling him to fuck off is way more phun! :D

I like the new scrollbars and tabs, keep it up ;) - Jul 19 2010
Lol yeah, damn nautilus... The elementary guys did a good job modding it but it still feels somehow annoying. Gotta file a bug report for the background thingy in Dolphin if there isn't one already. If we're lucky enough it might get included but for some reason I doubt it.

I'm leaving for 3 weeks so I'm not gonna be able to test this one. I bet I'm gonna be pleasantly surprised by your progress when I come back :D

Have fun! - Jun 17 2010
The second shot is as sexy as it gets! - Jun 16 2010
Well, judging by most of your uploads it definitely deserves more attention :-) - Jun 14 2010
Shit man this is just gorgeous! I'll have to take a serious look at qss.
Are these scrollbars system-wide or just for Dolphin? - Jun 14 2010

System Software 19 comments

Score 76.4%
Jan 12 2011
Yep, that did the job. Thanks! - Jul 14 2010
It really is. The only problem I found so far is that the themes I installed don't show up in the burg menu. Am I missing something or is there indeed a problem with that? - Jul 14 2010

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 75 comments

Score 76.7%
Feb 14 2011
Wow, thanks for the fast reply! Installing xorg-dev did the trick. Got a couple of warnings but that was it, it works just perfect.

I'd like to give you some feedback but I just can't think of anything that can be improved right now - awesome job!

Thanks again :) - Jun 14 2010
This looks really promising, and even more considering how slow the kwin shadow plugin is, however I can't get it to compile on KDE 4.5.

Here's the output:

Thanks. - Jun 14 2010

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

Score 58.9%
Nov 12 2010
Your GIMP-fu is getting better every day. Keep up the good work :) - Jun 11 2010

Wallpaper Other 10 comments

Score 58.9%
Nov 25 2010
Because I kind of made it to fit in my current setup, I haven't really seen anyone else using docky with 42px icons :P

Anyway, here's a link: - Jun 06 2010
A couple of weeks ago I made myself a wallpaper based on your "Clear Blue" with really similar texture on the bottom - looks really cool using docky with transparent background, I guess you have a similar setup judging by most of your wallpapers. I like your texture better though it's a little big for me, I'm using smaller icons.

Excellent job, I really enjoy most of your artwork :) - Jun 05 2010
"Lucid" in the sky

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

Score 50.0%
May 13 2010
...with diamonds! - May 13 2010
Nautilus-MOD (deprecated)

GTK2 Themes 93 comments

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Apr 19 2010
Just use a transparent png =) - Mar 16 2010
Vitruvian Tux

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

Score 50.0%
Feb 23 2010
Haha really good one! - Feb 24 2010
The Widget Laboratory

Various Gnome Stuff 21 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 24 2010
Really awesome! Thanks a lot, this is a must-have for any themer and even people who just like to tweak a little themes they got from the internet. - Feb 05 2010

GTK2 Themes 78 comments

Score 50.0%
Apr 09 2010
This is just amazing, thanks a lot! - Feb 04 2010

GTK2 Themes 17 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 04 2010
A couple of months ago I was working on a theme with the same name that used pretty much the same colors but I never finished it and one day ended deleting the whole thing. I wonder if you got inspired by the same thing to make it (:
Looking good so far, I'd like to see it finished - Jan 19 2010
Stargate GTK2 Metacity

Metacity Themes 6 comments

Score 58.0%
Jan 04 2010
To be honest I cannot remember a single thing from Stargate, it's been so many years but damn, I love your theme! - Jan 04 2010

GTK2 Themes 44 comments

Score 50.0%
Dec 04 2009
Awesome! :) - Dec 03 2009
Yeah... You could try with a medium gray, should be easy enough to read on both. Not sure how good is it going to look though. - Dec 03 2009
Nautilus: the icons size in the location bar between the [-] and [+] icons (appears only on mouse-over).
If you have the main toolbar set to icons+text the text is also invisible (except inactive). The last one applies to every toolbar set to "text" or "icons+text".

Firefox: Bookmarks toolbar. As a temporary solution I moved my bookmars to the menubar (next to the File, Edit, etc) which after only 15 min seems really comfortable but maybe not for everyone. Should be easy to fix trough userChrome.css

Banshee: Some white text on a light background, you can see it on the screenshot in my first comment. Not really unreadable but a little uncomfortable.

Everything else seems fine :) - Dec 02 2009
1. I really don't know. I'll try it on my laptop tomorrow and I'll post the results.

2. I actually did it the easy-and-not-so-correct way - just uncommented the include "panel.rc" line in the gtkrc and added my own background which works fine for me but it's not a proper solution for everyone. I have to admit I was a bit lazy when I did it.

3. I see you're working on it :)

4. Actually I use Exaile, I just opened Banshee to check something and I saw it.

Thanks for the fast reply :-) - Dec 02 2009
First of all - great theme! I got a few minor problems though:

1. The emerald theme - any window wider than 975 pixels gets buggy in the top right corner. See the screenshot with 2 windows 976 and 975 pixels wide - This one was easily fixed by just unchecking the "Scaled" checkbox in the Emerald theme manager for the first 3 pixmaps (top, top left and top right) and setting the minimum titlebar height to 19 instead of 20 to get rid of the line that appears after unchecking. I could upload the "fixed" version if you want but I'm sure you'll see what I'm talking about.

2. The panel background - if the panel is bigger than 22px it becomes pretty messy but that is again easily fixed by tweaking the panel.rc

3. Unreadable text here and there, mainly because of the dark toolbars (which I totally love btw) but nothing serious so far.

4. (the one that's bugging me the most) - Banshee's progressbar is completely black ( ). I just can't find a way to fix it, hopefully you will.

Sorry for the extremely long and boring post, hope you didn't fall asleep ;)

Cheers and once again - great theme! - Dec 02 2009