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Apr 21 2019
Nope. Just all dependencies must be resolved. - 7 hours ago
You just do not have PyFalkon plugin. - 8 hours ago
This does not say where is the problem. Maybe try: QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS=1 falkon, but please do not post the output here! - 1 day ago
Please do run Falkon from the terminal and see what message will appears when you try installing a Python extension! - 1 day ago
Exactlly on Archlinux should works well. Here is a sample video:
Did you try with Example extension?: - 1 day ago
PyFalkon should be compiled alongside Falkon source and it does no need anything more to work.
If you want to build it yourself, you need PySide2 and shiboken2 developement files ( Keep in mind they migh have different names for your distribution, for example python3-pyside2 or similar. - 2 days ago