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Please give the link of agni kernal 10.1 for lavender - Jan 08 2021
AGNi Kernel SDM660 [stable builds]

Phone Kernels by psndna88 5 comments

Please give me corvus version 10 link - Jan 08 2021
Does any one have the agni kernal 10.1and 10.2 for lavender (redmi note 7) please post the downloadable drive link - Jan 08 2021
I can't download this kernal version, so mailed but the reply was like this we are sorry that you have problems downloading the file. It seems to me
that the user saved the file externally, outside of our servers and only
provided a link. This is permissible under our rules.
Please contact the user, he may be able to fix the problem.

- Jan 08 2021