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QtCurve by ashunter 6 comments

Done. - Jul 12 2010

QtCurve by ashunter 6 comments

Ubuntu-Mono,default icons theme for ubuntu 10.4 - Jul 12 2010
If Rounding is set to "Max Rounded", Focus rectangle becomes "Line drawn with highlight color" automatically,and if i changed that to any other value(Standard for example),Rounding setting becomes "Extra rounded".Is this a bug?
Beside,would you please add a option to set slider rounding no matter what general rounding setting is.Max rounded slider with no thumb looks great,and for others extra rounded is enough i think.
And keep up the good work. - Jun 05 2010
Oh,I forget to mention this happens when Slider width is NOT 15,no matter thiner or wider.
Sorry about that. - May 07 2010
I have both qtcurve-gtk2 and qtcurve-kde4 installed.The scrollbar style is different with gtk-apps and qt-apps.If i configure qtcurve using Plain style scrollbar then all qt-apps use Plain style scrollbars,but all gtk-apps use Plain-rotated style scrollbars.Is this a bug? - May 07 2010