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arvin magaway cebu, Philippines
My Own Leopard

Gnome Screenshots by arvinoids 4 comments

Sorry, I didn't even remember I had an account here. lol. anyway thanks for checking it out. - Mar 18 2009
My Own Leopard

Gnome Screenshots by arvinoids 4 comments

It comes with the OS X icon theme (that comes with Mac4Lin). - Mar 16 2009

Gnome Screenshots by khd 4 comments

what's the metacity/emerald theme? - Mar 08 2009
Neutroniumized Desktop

Gnome Screenshots by zammi 10 comments

what's it's name? - Mar 08 2009
Songbird + mediaflow itunes theme

Gnome Screenshots by algalord 3 comments

yeah, songbird is always better. Then you find out it has no equalizer. Then you're screwed. Then you try the pulseaudio/ladspa equalizer. Then you find out it does not work. Then you're really screwed. - Sep 15 2008
Aurora Unified Suite (Preview)

GTK2 Themes by UnixRoot 72 comments

Is there an easier way to have the menu on top of the screen like OSX? The only method I know is using global menu hack...

How did you get rid of the menus, by the way? - Jan 12 2008