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Andrey Borzenkov

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Jan 12 2010
I have left button and tapping works. In any case, driver code only sets defaults; kcm_touchpad is there exactly to make adjustments if defaults are not suitable.

Please show your ~/.kde4/share/config/kcmtouchpadrc and output of synclient -l. - Mar 15 2010
"line 437" of which package? Which version? - Mar 09 2010
Tapping works just fine here. Could you please give reference to GIT repository and commit where it happened, because I do not see anything obvious in xf86-input-synaptics log? Can you enable tapping using synclient? - Mar 08 2010
Current GIT version supports Smart Mode using syndaemon (which is normally part of X11 synaptics driver). It is up to author to release new version though :) - Mar 04 2010
That's interesting:

FingerLow = format mismatch (32)
FingerHigh = format mismatch (32)
FingerPress = format mismatch (32)

Could you please show raw properties; like:

{pts/0}% xinput list
⎡ Virtual core pointer ...
⎜ ↳ SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad id=15 [slave pointer (2)]

{pts/0}% xinput list-props 15
Device 'SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad':
Device Enabled (121): 1
... - Jan 25 2010
1. Which version of kcm_touchpad?
2. Could you please rebuild with debugging (or install debug packages, I do not know how archlinux handles it) so stack would be useful, reproduce crash and post stack?
3. Please show "synclient -l" output. - Jan 24 2010
I am not sure what PPA is, but basically you compile it and then copy in somewhere in module path (kde4-config --path module) and kcm_touchpad.desktop somewhere in services path (kde4-config --path services). - Jan 19 2010
OK I see. That setting it to "High" disables scrolling is a bug and should be fixed. I myself feel good enough when slider is on the first tick from the left. You may try to move it even further to the left, just not to the very end. - Jan 19 2010
Well, you have both HorizScrollDelta and VertScrollDelta equal zero, which explains why scrolling does not work. How do sliders look? Could you compare kcmtouchpadrc before and after you change settings? Also good would be compare X synaptics settings too -- synclient -l before and after changing settings. Assuming that "before" works correctly. - Jan 18 2010
I can't reproduce in 0.3.1. Did it stop working immediately when you pressed Apply or only after KDE restart? Which version of KDE? Could you attach your kcmtouchpadrc? - Jan 17 2010
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1198 comments

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Mar 23 2013
Which reminds me.

Currently we have either desktop applet with lot of information or panel applet with limited tooltip.

Would be it be possible to open the same window as in desktop version on mouse click on panel applet? I guess, stock weather applet in KDE does something similar. - Dec 07 2009
@mkyral: it is already latest SVN version

@udev: I can read all of them, it is not a problem. But I have feeling I am in a train or fast moving car on rough road :)

My suggestion is simply to remove shadow under text/numbers where it is present. Should I post screen shot? Hmm ... can I do it here? - Dec 06 2009
In 0.3.x yaWP is using sort of shadows for fonts both on panel (actual temp) as well as on tooltip. Frankly, this really strains my eyes. It makes very "stuttering" impression as if they vibrate fast.

How hard would it be to make such effects optional? I do not remember this in 0.2 (could install it to test if required). I can also upload screen shots to show what I mean. - Dec 06 2009
What specifically do you mean "4.4 not supported"? I am running yaWP 0.2.3 under pre-4.4 (4.3.77) and do not see any issues, at east specific to yaWP :) - Nov 29 2009
Could you give link to lunar data engine? - Aug 31 2009
Well, it depends on weather service in use. Default server (accu-weather) does not seem to offer this information. If you know about some that do, post here. - Aug 15 2009
I have never seen this issue as well, so it seems to depend on something in environment. - May 11 2009
thank you! - Apr 06 2009
May I humbly ask to make it configurable? It is completely unreadable here (just large blurry rectangle) and makes tooltip exceptionally large - it barely fits on 1024 wide screen.

Forecast is good though :) Thank you! - Mar 31 2009
Yes, patch does fix it; I had to log out and back in; removing plasmoid, updating it and adding back was not enough. It still used old version :(

Sorry for the noise. - Mar 30 2009
On Mandriva using 4.2.2/Qt4.5 all icons are oversized. I tested patch from r133 but it did not help. Any idea (I wonder how can I add screenshot here)? There are multples reports from users so this is not a single issue with my ~/.kde :) - Mar 30 2009
Score 85.8%
Mar 30 2009