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K Menu Gnome (Slackware package)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ariszlo 6 comments

Simply Great, Respect man:D - Feb 26 2006
Slackware package menu

Dolphin Service Menus by smith 8 comments

Havn't tried it yet (using windowns now:P)

This is very very good:) Installing packages the old way was a little timeabsorbing.
Chapeau :) - Jan 15 2006
Moodin (german) new passport

Bootsplash Various by r2d2 2 comments

"Youre" is spelled "your" as in "your book is mine!", You're not so good at English is spelled "you're", and "youre" is a word that doesn't exist:)

No offence or anything, but I reccomend you change that - Nov 01 2005
Fingerprint Bootsplash 1024x768

Bootsplash Various by peterson 23 comments

Hi, it looks pretty good, i'm gonna try it now.

Though i reccommend you to change your config file:
# name of the picture file (full path recommended)

You put something like login-blabla instead of fingerprint-bs

Cya - Oct 30 2005