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Arllen Alves , Brazil

GTK2 Themes by ukw 5 comments

Hey man, it is not the XFCE. It's OPENBOX.

;) - Dec 27 2007
A little stripe...
Murrine Engine and Murrina Relax GTK2 Theme

We're getting close...

[]'s - Jun 03 2007
Thank you very much my friend. :D

Today I'll start to search it. When I find it, I'll talk to you.

Thanks again by attemption! (and about my english lol)

[]'s - Jun 03 2007
Hello CraigD. I sent this message to you and I want to share the idea with others QtCurve users.

First, I have to say that QTCurve is a sucess!! Congratulations. The QTCurve is the best engine released to KDE.

Well, I have a suggestion to next version of QTCurve.
What do you think about add a "MENU STRIPE" like the LipStick KDE Engine?
The LIPSTICK screenshot is available at

Please, I guess it's the only resource that QtCurve needs to be perfect!!

P.S: I'm brazilian, I don't speak english very well.

[]'s - Jun 01 2007