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Arek Arkadiusz Torun, Poland
Vistesque-Mod for Lipstik

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by bonafide 120 comments

There is one problem with this theme style. use the menus bar (File | ... | Tools | Help) background from "Vistesque..." theme (dark blue), but can't use the font color (for the menu buttons) from this style (white).

I have black menu text color sets (for kde menus), and I can't see the text on the menu (menu bar) buttons.

The over mouse menu bar buttons (when I move mouse cursor over menu button) aren't shiny-glass too (the buttons not change).

The problem is with OO. In another applicatin everythink is ok.

Is any way to fix this problem, for example (the best way) force to use "Vistesque..." menu bar format (full - menu background, menu text, etc), or to use full own gray menu bar (and all window background) like it is in Firefox or Opera? - Jan 29 2006
vistesque ebuild

KDE 3.5 Themes by Diablo82 5 comments

(Again I talk to myself, it's not good :).)

Sory, I did't notice that is the newest ebuild (it's lipstik-2.1-r1.ebuild not lipstik-2.1.ebuild).
I hope it will appear in the portage tree soon :).

I emerge it and it's great, good work. Thanks for create ebuild for us. - Jan 28 2006
vistesque ebuild

KDE 3.5 Themes by Diablo82 5 comments

1. Is it the same *.ebuild which is available in the portage tree?
2. How can I turn on the "not gray" window menu bar (in your example ~black with orange hightlighting)? In the Lipstik from the portage tree:
ebuild x11-themes/lipstik-2.1
I can't set the custom color for the window menu bar, and keep gray window background. - Jan 28 2006